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  1. This is my current collection and i am waiting for my Monogram Sarah wallet to arrive next week....i am wondering - should i save up for a Totally PM in Damier Azur to add to the collection? :smile: ...any comments and advice please?

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  2. Nice collection :biggrin: & yes I think a Totally in azur would be nice. Since you have the damier neverfull & mono speedy which I think are great essentials, you'll have nice bags in each line to go to.
  3. Would definitely want a Mahina L in gris but that's way over my budget :smile:...thanks for your comments & advice :smile:
  4. You're welcome. With my funds I'll be sticking to the basics/classics for while myself. The more luxurious items will come one day! ;)
  5. Yes azur would be a good compliment to what you have imo.
  6. I think the Totally in Azur is exactly what your need to add to your collection! :smile:
  7. Nice collection .. I agree the totally will be lovely addition to your collection:smile:
  8. what an amazing collection!!! love them, and yay for the totally damier azur
  9. How about a Keepall?
  10. The Azur Totally would be a great addition!
  11. If you really want it, go for it! Good luck deciding! =]
  12. A Totally Azur would be a wonderful addition to your great collection!! Get it!!
  13. Nice collection. And I say yes, the Totally in Azur would be great. You have a lot of dark bags, a light one would be nice to break things up a bit!
  14. Love you family pic! Yes, get some Azur in your life and the Totally is such a functional bag!
  15. +1 Very nice bag collection.