do you think i should complain? (sorry v long)

  1. so iv just got back from my NYC trip. i managed to fit in some LV shopping (LVoe scarf, small luggage tag and bubble earings) and went to LV in macys herald square on the recomendation of some of you tpfers. a girl in her early 20s who didnt introduce herself but seemed nice at first started to serve me but then served someone else in the middle of getting my things!!!! when she came back to me i went to pay and two other young SAs came over to us, i presumed it was to chat but they went on to discuss what they were wearing to go out that night while serving me. they were very rude, paid me no attention and then took 20 mins to wrap my things because they were having a fight with stickers and fiddling with tissue paper. and they put my things in stupid sized boxes. it was late on saturday but thats really no excuse for their behaviour.
    i thought maybe i was just jet lagged and over emotional but the more i think about it the more it bugs me.
    do you guys think i should complain?
  2. Definitely. Just ask to speak to the manager, and explain that it seemed very unprofessional that the SA's that helped you were chatting while helping you out, discussing what their plans were for the night.

    Sorry about that experience and congrats on the purchases! ;)
  3. thanks john, just needed a little reassuring

  4. :yes: I totally agree. If you are unhappy with your service they should know about it.
  5. Definitely. No offense to the ladies that work at LV at Macys, but I avoid them, they are too chatty. When I bought my wallet their, one of the female SA's kept saying in a minute in a minute and she never came around. I'd stick to the gentlemen. They were very helpful in picking out a wallet.
  6. John is right (as always :yes: )
  7. I've never been treated with anything close to bad service and always have the best service at Louis Vuitton. My Louis Vuitton is in Macy's, so I don't know why that would be an issue. I'm always greeted by name, when I walk into the store, by the sales associates and they always know what I like and what my last purchases were. I'm always shocked when others complain because I can't imagine bad service - anywhere.

    I have to disagree with mostly everyone and say that you should not complain. Complaining may ruin your reputation at Louis Vuitton and you'll probably never see her again. Not to mention this is in a different city than where you live. Leave the complaining for something significant.
  8. So she shouldn't complain and let those SA's keep treating people that way? :s That doesn't seem very fair. I don't think reputation is an issue in this situation. Customers should be treated with respect and SA's have plenty of time to talk about their plans for the night when there aren't customers around.
  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OMG, I cant believe people are saying NOT to complain!!! I am now treated with respect at my LV, where as before the SAs didnt even help me! (im 19 but look about 13! lol) I emailed LV and within two days the manager had rung me and apologised etc etc, i thought nothing else of it and in the post i received a LV bookmark to say sorry.
    All im trying to say is LV take these things VERY seriously!!! And im sure they would LOVE to know if their staff are treating customers with nothing but respect!!!
  10. wooooooooooow!
    I was just going to reply that it would probably do no good to complain but then I read your reply! MAZING that they sent you a bookmark..usually takes a VIC to get those.

    Now i've changed my mind..go complain ! Get that bookmark!:graucho:

    really though...I might be a snob but I think for the price I pay for I should be entitled to a very pleasurable experience..a pampering if you will...I do not want to deal with girls who think that LV is no different than a wal-mart.

    (not that I don't love wal-mart....shout out to $1 scarves/belts!)

    I wonder the minimum age LV hires at????..please no younger than 18!
  11. In this case, I'd definitely complan...I had to do that at Starbucks the other day because the two girls behind the counter were so busy talking about some party that the one girl "helping" me had to ask me THREE times what my drink order was because she didn't catch it the first two times I said it. Then even after that, they went back to loudly talking with each other despite the fact that customers were coming in and ordering.
    IMO, when SAs talk constantly amongst themselves, it's along the lines of when a customer comes up to the register to pay while chatting on a cell phone. Both are incredibly rude.
  12. [FONT=&quot]speak to a manager for sure. I don't mind when SA chat between one another, as long as I still get speedy service. I was in bloomingdales last weekend and the SA was chatting with someone on her cell phone while she was ringing me up. I could not help but listen to her conversation as I was standing there, she then stated to whoever was on the other end of her cell, that she has a nasty cut on her leg that would not stop oozing.. now come on how gross. I was so disgusted, that I returned my purchases at the register down stairs and re-purchased them again from another SA. I so wished I would have complained to her manager, but I was just so grossed out that I had to get out of there.[/FONT]
  13. It may not seem fair, but I think it's for the best. I went shopping with a friend a while back while in Orange County when I was staying at my villa and my friend wasn't happy with the way she was treated in a high-end boutique. She complained and made a scene out of basically nothing and the sales associate was fired. After a while you feel horrible for the sales associate because they're job is hard - especially on a Saturday night. I doubt that would be in this case, but I just don't see the problem. At her local Louis Vuitton boutique, she can have relationships with all the major sales associates and if a problem comes up with them, than talk to the manager and express how you feel.
  14. Actually, LV gives out bookmarks to VIC's, when they have messed up on an order and want to say sorry [rather than to give the customer a discount of any sort, which saves a lot of money and is a better way of doing inventory], or in a situation where the manager thinks it's best to give them out.

    If the minimum age is lowered to less than 18... wow. I will be very disappointed. Last thing I need is to walk into LV and have a wannabe mispronouncing the house name, not knowing the products, and probably acting like they know everything. :s