do you think i should buy this bag?

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  1. if ever, this will be my first chanel bag. would like to get opinion if this is a nice bag and worth buying at 600usd. tia!!!
    chanel beige.jpg
  2. it's only 600?! my gosh. lol GET IT!
  3. oh by the way, i forgot to add that it is slightly used, but still in very good condition.
  4. That's a lovely looking bag. Could easily be worn with many outfits since it has such a beautiful, neutral color.

    And $600 looks like a great price, assuming that it's in good condition and not too small. What are the dimensions?
  5. 11.5" W x 8.25" H x 3" D. Handle 25" with 10" drop. size is just right for me.
  6. That's a perfect size! :tup:
  7. cute - good price and the size is great!!!
  8. The bag is cute, but I am not a fan of the strap. But the price is good.
  9. that's a great price, u shld go for it!
  10. It's a very pretty color & a great price,I would go for it.
    Does the strap have some kind of knot at the top though,that seems like it may be uncomfortable. Still a great bag & I love the gold charm on the zipper pull.
  11. Great price but, do you wear beige... for me its a hard color to match with my clothes so i wouldnt be able to use it ever
  12. I like the cute rounded flap...go for it!
  13. Great price and classic...that knot confuses me but I like the color.
  14. If it's authentic and you love it.. go for it... if you have your eyes on something else, then wait
  15. I think that's a fantastic price point (assuming the bag is in good condition).