Do you think i have to stick to certain colors when wearing my new bay? It's Ecru

  1. Very neutral color, but do you think there are any colors i need to stay away from when wearing this, or is versatile to you?
    chloe bay.jpg
  2. Its a beauty and i adore the colour. If it were me id snuggle with the babe in anything i choose. You cant go wrong with this sexy beast. Just enjoy her.
  3. I think your beautiful bag will go with anything and also you can use it all year long. Its a very verstile bag.
  4. Very neutral color, should look great with anything....congrats!!
  5. I have the unquilted Bay in this colour :smile:. It's aneutral,so you could wear it with anything. However I am careful with darker colours because I don't want colour transfer.