Do You Think I Have Any Reason To Be Concerned About This Buyer!!

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  1. #1 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    I'm hoping that someone (or everyone) will tell me that I've nothing about which to be concerned regarding a Prada handbag that I just sold. Perhaps I'm nervous because once before I was nearly scammed on Ebay, and for that reason, I'm not very trusting these days. My gut is telling me that something is not right with this purchase, but at this point, I'm not certain there's anything I can do about it or any way to prove that this person isn't who they say they are! Let me explain.....

    Several days after I list my Prada handbag, I receive a message from a buyer telling me that they (I assume it's a she) want to buy my bag, however they are vacationing in Cancun and don't trust using their laptop to access their PayPal account. They want to know if I would be willing to sell them the bag but wait until they return from Cancun to be paid through PayPal. I politely declined for several reasons. Yesterday, I receive a second message stating that they will have their secretary access their PayPal account from the states to pay for the bag. I didn't receive this message until tonight because I hadn't been on Ebay for the past 24 hrs. Anyway, the auction just closed and this individual won my Prada. He/she messaged me again to say that their secretary wouldn't be home until about 11 pm, but at that time would be able to pay me through their PayPal account. The buyer has perfect FB....but something just doesn't fit. I have looked at every purchase they have made as far back as I could go, and NOT ONE purchase was for a woman!:confused1::confused1: They've either bought men's shirts, ties, cuff links, or shoes....and perhaps one game! Don't you find it strange that all of a sudden they decide to buy a Prada handbag? Maybe it's just me and perhaps I'm unnecessarily being a "doubting Thomas"! . Please tell me what you think and whether you think I have something about which to be concerned. Is there any way to prove that this Ebay ID hasn't been stolen? Should I communicate my concerns to Ebay? Thanks in advance for your advice and feelings about this matter! I just don't want to ship my bag out to them until I'm certain this is on the up and up!!

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    I'm pretty sure you can't post your auctions or ebay ID's, even if completed, but maybe It is only if it is a current auction. I would probably edit it out anyways because we can't see who won it so it doesn't help us in deciding.

    The story about being in Cancun and and suddenly being able to do it sound like a lotta BS, it just sounds like the buyer wanted to wait a few days to pay but didn't want to ask outright if that would be OK. I don't think the ID has been stolen, but if it has you will know within a day or two because eBay will pull the auction. I would copy down the listing just in case. Just ship with Signature Confirmation via priority mail to the address displayed in the Paypal Transaction Details page within 7 days of payment and it will tell you in paypal whether you are eligible for seller protection.
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    Thank you for telling me that....I removed the auction #.

    Also, thanks for your advice. It's not often that I sell on Ebay, but it seems that every time I do, something weird like this happens. At least if I place a numbered security tag on my handbag, they won't be able to switch it out with another bag. I had that happen to a friend of mine where the buyer claimed she was shipped a replica bag and was rewarded her money back from PP! For the life of me, I just can't figure out how PP could have done that. What protection is there for the seller these days?
  4. Good idea, just to be safe :okay:

    I added to my post after, I just wanted to make sure I submitted the suggestion while you still had time to edit.

  5. Thanks again!
  6. Could they have hacked into someone else's acct? Are they buying and asking you to ship it to their confirmed address? Maybe it's the guy's girlfriend or something or he is buying for her?
  7. :shrugs: I've no just seems kinda strange. In all their messages to me, they don't give a name so I haven't figured out the gender of the buyer. I went through 7 pages of purchases made since late Oct. where I can actually view the items purchased on this Ebay account and every single thing has been for a man! All of a sudden, whoever this is decides to buy a very feminine Prada handbag!!:confused1: It's not just that, but the concern they had about accessing their PP account while on vacation yet they readily log into Ebay. You'd think they would be just as concerned about bidding on Ebay from a hotel computer. This person says they live in NY and work 9 am-730 pm 6 days a week and when they return from Mexico on Sunday, they are headed to Europe on Monday. Because they are always working, their secretary signs for their packages at their place of business. If they are that devoted to their carreer or profession, I personally find it a bit strange that they wouldn't take their laptop with them to Mexico. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm just a worry wort, but it's given me cause for concern. After the auction ended, they messaged me to say their secretary had their PP password and would remit payment tonight at 11 pm. least, I think so. Even the PP rep that I spoke to tonight agreed with me!! I guess the bottom line is that if I do everything right and ship priority mail with signature required, then I'm covered. I also have the numbered security tag, so they can't switch bags. Having nearly been scammed before, I'm probably just being overly cautious. My DH says I need to put my sleuthing skills to rest on this one!!LOL!
  8. Perhaps 'he' purchased it for a special woman? Some people are weary of checking their bank account info or buying stuff from a open access network due to security concerns so I can see the point there, although I think Pay pal should be fine to use. If the feedback is good and the money has been transferred I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  9. Thanks LulaMae! The payment was made overnight, so I'm not going to worry about it any longer. Perhaps he or she bought it as a are right....and a very nice gift indeed! I think that I'm a 'nervous nellie' because of prior bad experiences. That...and the fact that we had to cancel our main Bank of America credit card three times this past year because somehow, thieves managed to get the number and place fraudulent charges on it. How in the world do these people manage to do this????:confused1::shrugs: I must say that we use that particular card a lot and we use it everywhere. I have my own personal cards, but (knock on wood) they've been's just been the one BOA card!

    Oh well....I'm sure this will turn out fine, and I'm happy to have sold my Prada as that's one less thing that has to go back to Saks tomorrow! LOL!
  10. Your welcome. I hope it all works out in the end. Keep us updated. :smile:

    p.s. I find it hard to imagine someone being happy about getting rid of

  11. I ordered the Prada by phone not really knowing what I was buying. After the transaction had been completed, the SA later emailed a picture. It is a beautiful bag, however it's not my style nor size. Had it been the cervo antik drawstring bag or zip-top bowler, this story would've had a different ending!