Do you think I can carry this bag now?

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  1. My chelsea tote was not repairable so I got a credit for it. I used it to get this bag. COATED CANVAS LARGE LEAH TOTE in brown.

    I live in Wisconsin. Do you think I could carry it now or wait till March or so. :yahoo:
  2. Yes you can can. Why not. It's such a pretty bag. Congrats.
  3. I don't think you would have to wait. Coated canvas is pretty durable especially with crummy weather and all.:yes:
  4. Absolutely. It's rainy and snowy here, and yet in the middle of winter I'm carrying my Watercolor stripe tote :P
  5. I agree with OP! Go for it! She'll be fine! Enjoy!!!
  6. Definitely, if it was pink or green I would wait but brown is all seasons.
  7. You can totally carry coated canvas in Wisconsin winters!
  8. You should be ok. I wish they made that in a more medium sized. The larger one is way too large and the smaller one is way too small.
  9. really? i know that at nordstrom they had a small,med,large..on the site though they dont have the small.. the medium is perfect size! i am getting it in black and white..
  10. I think I want the black and white one too.

    Thanks everyone! I love this bag and can't wait to take it out.:roflmfao: