Do you think I am too old to pull off.....

  1. I white mc speedy? I am 37 and a mother of 3. I mean come on guys, I live in the suburbs and drive a mini van.......honest opinions here....would I be able to pull it off? I soooo love that white bag. Maybe an alma would be better? Honest opinions only!;)
  2. With the right outfit, I don't see why not! If you feel like it, do it. :nuts: I'm sure you'll look super cute.
  3. Of COURSE you CAN!! I'm 33 and the mother of FOUR and I have that bag!! :yes: Goes great with everything......I don't drive a mini van (although I used to), but any car that has FOUR kids coming out of it gets attention! LOL

    If you like it then I say go for it! :p
  4. Ok, depends. I think no matter what, If YOU TRULY love it, and love it enough to NOT care what anyone else thinks and just rock it while acting like it is the most conservative bag in the world then YES! if you think you would be insecure carrying it then no, only becuase then you won't be comfortable with youself. Hope that helps! It's about YOU no1 else. :flowers:
  5. Welp...

    I have a white MC speedy....and I'm a 35 and mom of 2. I also drive a mini van!! heehee!!!:wlae: I live in So. Cal.

    I don't feel funny carrying it or anything. I :heart: it!!!!!!!! I remember when I first seen it, I had to have it!

    If you love it, then get it......It does get alot of attention that's for sure! :nuts: Very pretty!!:girlsigh:

    Good Luck on your decision!;)
  6. If you love it and feel comfortable wearing it....GET IT!!! I don't think age is an issue honestly, my aunt's almost 60 and she's still carrying her MC Speedy and looking hot:nuts:
  7. I'm 37 with 2 boys and I have the white alma. No reason why you can't carry the speedy. Madonna carries the white alma and it looks great on her. I think it just depends on your mood and what you're wearing!
  8. Thanx for your replies guys. You're all awesome! :heart:
  9. I definitely think you can carry it!! I don't think it's too young at all! If you love it, you will look great carrying it.
  10. OF course you can! I can certainly see some of my family member your age pull that off, it dosen't matter how many kids you have, or what kind of car you drive, it's how YOU feel that matters the most. Get it before price increase ^^
  11. I certainly hope so....or I am in big trouble....since I am 39 and the mother of 3 :supacool:
  12. I think so....I love it. My girlfriend is 35 with 2 kids and uses it alot. She looks great with it.
  13. Girl, You can sooo wear it! C'mon! If you love it, buy it!
  14. honestly, are you referring to being 37 too OLD ~ R U CRAZY?

    HA! HA!

    No way, you are the right age - even if you were 50, I don't think that would be too old!!!

    No worries!!!

    go for it, Mini-van mom or not, suburbs or not -go for it!!!!
  15. You ARE NOT are such a cutie pie:smile::smile: I think the speedy is cuter than the Alma, IMO!! the Alma seems more structured and dressy where as the speedy looks a little more casual for everyday..I know what you mean about the mom/suburb/mini van thing..I am a mom to twin babies, you'd think I wouldn't be carrying LV but I can't stand anything but!! Everyone is always shocked to NOT see a diaper bag attached to me at all times.. So my vote is a would look great on you