Do you think i am crazy?

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  1. Girls i decided to let go of my gorgeous Sandstone City :wtf::nuts::wacko:just because i am looking for the Giant Sandstone Day. :crybaby:Do you think i am crazy for doing it? :shrugs:I really want the Day bag and i feel more comfortable carrying it. :yes:Give me your thoughts and please be honest. I need some comfort. :confused1:Here is my Sandstone. Thanks.:heart:
    IMG_2414 (2).JPG IMG_2413 (2).JPG
  2. i think your making a good choice! If you don't like the city and your more comfortable with the day then there's your answer..don't look back even once cause i'm sure you'll be alot happier with your sandstone day :graucho::P
  3. WHAT???? Why don't you keep it until you find the GH Day? Because what if you don't find one then you won't have your favorite color!:P
  4. of course not!!!:nogood: you're just dizzy with indecisiveness:P go get the one you are most comfy with and focus on getting it. dont dwell with the ones you let go, you'll just torture yourself with regret:smile:
  5. MRG - Help. I am going crazy.:cry: I can't find the Giant Sandstone Day. :mad:I don't know what the :cursing: i am doing.:crybaby:
  6. Oh Nanaz! I LOVE your sandstone city! If you like the day better, go for it - I've learned to keep only what you :heart:!

    BUT, you're not crazy!!!
  7. No, I totally agree with the others about not keeping this bag if you really want a Day but what if you sell this City and then can't find a GH Day? :confused1: Would you be okay with not having this color or would you miss it?
  8. ITA. Sandstone is so pretty. It would be aweful if you had NO bag in this color and your city is still really nice if you can't find the Day.
  9. I love Sandstone.:yes: It has been one of my favorite colors of the season.:yahoo: I guess i keep thinking i will find the Giant Day some day.:shrugs:
  10. You're no crazier than the rest of us searching for that perfect Bbag! But, I would hang on to the City until you find the Day. That bag is gorgeous! Hugs! :heart:
  11. dizzy girl - i love your positive attitude.:heart: I guess i started feeling positive but then my knees started shaking.:confused1:
  12. HI... I love the day but am worried if you cant find the day that you will regret letting go of the city. I hate when I get sick over my bags and I mean I really get sick over them. Good luck on with your choice, I know its so very hard
  13. *comforts* it is okay as long as you are replacing it with another sandstone:graucho:. love the GH in sandstone and the day is one of the best style. are doing the right thing.
  14. I don't think your crazy!! I change my mind more often than I change my underwear!! That doesn't sound too good, but you get the idea!! ha ha:P ...
  15. I'd say wait until you find the day before you let this one go. Just in case!