Do you think I am being unreasonable and difficult?

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  1. I have just recently bought a tattersall wallet as I've been seeking out items from the line for a long time. I emailed the seller before the purchase to make sure that the pictures shown will be the one I'm actually receiving.

    So I've finally received the wallet today and was looking forward. When I opened it, realised the colour combination was not the same as the one pictured. I was quite upset actually as I would have preferred the one pictured. So I contacted the seller about it.

    What do you girls think? Am I being a difficult buyer? Or should I just keep the one that was mailed to me? It's still a pretty wallet but it's not THE wallet.
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    You should get the wallet pictured unless the auction states otherwise. That's just how I understand good business to be.
  3. No, you Should Get the 1 you paid for...This is becoming a habit with some of these Ebay seller's..I would tell the Seller you want the one you thought you ordered, and thats that...Don't let it go and settle...
  4. Heck no, I would send it back for a refund. If is not the item that was represented. Take it further if you have to. I would in a skinny minute!
  5. i agree..sometimes everything they are selling if i see 2 i ask which one am i getting like when i got a bleecker street peyton her other one was coach archive..i nicely emailed her which one i may have to pay shipping to switch them
  6. No, you are not being unreasonable. I would contact the seller. He/she may have sent the wrong one by accident. You never know. I bought a wristlet on eBay once and the seller sent me a wallet by mistake. I contacted the seller and she sent me the correct item and a pre-paid return shipping label for the wallet.
  7. I've contacted the seller and hopefully she'll oblige. Thanks all. Your replies just make me feel better. Do not want to be those unreasonable buyers which I've met sometimes myself.
  8. No that is totally reasonable...but keep in mind that sometimes people are really good photographers and the pictures can actually really enhance the product.
  9. I would be seriously upset if I paid for one thing and got another. Hopefully the seller will correct this with no trouble. Good luck and I hope you get the one you want.
  10. Keep us posted on what she says!
  11. IF she does not agree start a SNAD claim with PP (assuming that's how you paid and this was on da 'BAY)... and escalate as seller will by that point have told you that they will refund you... or to pound sand.. :0
  12. keep us posted . i hope you can get a refund or the actual product
  13. If I order a coke and get a sprite, I'd have said "I'm sorry, but i wanted a coke"?
    If I'd wanted a sprite, i would have bought a sprite...

    Keep us posted!
  14. You're not being difficult at all. You should have received the wallet in the color combination that you paid for. The seller could have sent you the wrong wallet by accident. I would contact the seller and explain our issue with them. Hopefully, they will make it right for you.

    Was this an Ebay purchase? If so, file a SNAD claim thru them.
  15. Assuming the seller hasnt got written on her auction that the wallet in the picture may not be the one you recieve then no you are not being either unreasonable or difficult. You bid on the purse because thats the one you wanted in that particular colour combo..yes other colours might be nice but they arent the ones you want. You wouldnt go into a shop and pick up a handbag you like in one colour and then think oh actually I love this colour but I think I will buy this colour instead even though its not what I want...

    Hopefully the seller will be reasonable and agree to either swap or refund. If not, get that SNAD claim filed!!!!!