do you think i am a cheapo??? instad of coach i bought....

  1. i was thinking of buying a coach wristlet but i decided not to and just bought a cute top at charlotte russe for $19, a ballet flats at old navy on sale for $15, a cami at tjmaxx for only $7 and a really cute wristlet at payless for $10. do you think i'm cheap???? i just figured i can get it alot more cheaper at the outlets....
  2. I think that you are a smart shopper, especially if you are happy with your purchases.;)
  3. no it's your money and personal choice
  4. Not everything has to be expensive to be nice.
  5. No, I just bought a KILLER dress (so I thought it was anyway) today at Old Navy for under $40. I didn't feel ghetto fabulous. If you like it, it's all good.
  6. ITA!!
  7. How much you spend is totally up to you. At the end of the day, as long as you're happy that's all that matters.
  8. Better idea to hold off if you can get it cheaper someplace else! I always look for the best price!
  9. Hey if you can get more of the stuffs that you like, why not ;)
  10. sounds like you scored! :yes: hope you find the coach wristlet at the outlet. i called the one at carlsbad awhile back when i was looking for a gift and they say that they get new stock weekly.
  11. not at all. as long as you like it, that's all it matters. i buy "cheap" things too.
  12. I always buy cheap things too as long as I like them.
  13. Good for you! That's being a smart consumer. You'll probably find a great Coach at a discount with your shopping skills!
  14. Not a cheapo, but a diverse shopper!!! If you're happy with the things you buy, then, that's all that matters in the end...
  15. OMG, $40 for a dress? See how CHEAP I am?! The most I will spend on a item of clothing is $15. For a cute bag, I won't blink an eye! I have priorities.