Do you think Gucci JOY will gonna be on this summer sale?

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  1. As I'm eyeing on a Gucci Joy tote and Boston but I couldn't force myself to pay for them now as I will be very disappointed if my bags will be on sale soon.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Wish I could help you, but I'm curious if the large wave boston bag will go on sale?
  3. I like the white joy boston, i hope it goes on sale!
  4. As the full price here is only 285 GBP and if it's 30% off so they should be very cheap at nearly 200 GBP. I hope it would be on sale so I could get both. A real bargain.
  5. I have the white Joy tote that I am debating on returning - it's a great tote - so lightweight! - I think I want the Joy Boston in white but would really prefer to get them on sale.
  6. if they do go on sale, the will be flying off the shelf!!! :sos:
  7. I'm not sure if they will either. If you can hold out long enough, you can try waiting for the sale.
  8. If they do go on sale, I'd be tempted to buy them in every color. I wouldn't really do it though, but it would be nice!
  9. When does the sale usually begin...I'd like to get a head start:P:smile:
  10. I talked to my SA at the gucci boutique in Dallas on Wed. and he said the joy boston will NOT be going on sale. booooooo :tdown: He said they are selling like hot cakes and are flying off the shelf. Let's see if he's wrong.

    Deelaa, the sales begin around the end of May beg of June. They also pre-sale a week before that too.
  11. gucci lover">
    :shrugs: I have no idea about this too. Last time somebody said that the classic bags are never went on sale but I saw many classic bags went on last winter sale here in UK. Anyway, they are not "a lot" though.
  12. ^^ i know what you mean. The classic bags that did go on sale... I think they were no longer producing or they were making room for new inventory.

    My SA said the exact same thing "it's only 595" but still, i would be sick if i just purchased it full price a couple of months before it went on sale.
  13. gucci lover">

    :yes::yes: Yes!! I really really want a Gucci Joy tote and Boston bag but I will be very disappointed if they will go on sale :sad:.
  14. [Deelaa, the sales begin around the end of May beg of June. They also pre-sale a week before that too.[/quote]

    Thanks for the info gucci lover ;)....i will definitely be on the hunt :sneaky: for a gucci just not sure which one:P