Do you think fake nails add to or detract from the look of your engagement ring?

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  1. I have been wondering this for awhile...I used to have very short pink and white tips on my nails, but have since taken them off and just get a manicure every 2 weeks. I keep my nails very short now with just clear or no polish on them.

    Do you think that the type/length of nails you have takes away from or adds to the look of your wedding/engagement ring??

    TIA for all of your opinions!

    PS--I am not talking about Carmela Soprano-length fake nails!! LOL:roflmfao:
  2. I have very short nails that I always paint beige or pale pink. I think they look fine w/ my ring. I also like shorter tips with a permanent french manicure. I think that looks really nice. As long as your nalis are manicured, it adds to the beauty of your ring.
  3. nah, natural or fake doesn't add to or take away IMO. . . it's the condition of the nails, not what they're made of to me.
    Bitten and bloodied hangnails or grown out/need a fill, too thick acrylics are all going to make any jewelry look bad! LOL!
  4. I agree, I think its the overall condition of your hands and nails that is really important. I had acrylics for months and during some serious PMS I took them off :shame: (Yes, I have issues!) Of course, my nails aren't looking so great now, but without them my fingers look a bit shorter and fatter. I will be going to get a new set before too long, but my hands have been so dry lately I was hoping to correct that before getting another set.
  5. I don't think it adds to or detracts from the ring as long as your nails are in goodcondition & nicely manicured. I like long medium length nails with French manicure.
  6. I think it definitely adds. I love the look of acrylics, white tip with the assumption that they are relatively short for acrylics (about 1/2 cm past finger tips) in the square shape with slightly rounded edges for a smooth classy put together look. I really dislike the harsh square shape I often see, it looks less classy that way IMO.
  7. I think a natural, well kept look is alwasy best.
  8. Thanks for all of your opinions, ladies!! :smile:
  9. I totally love...long & manicured nails with my rings....

    I have acrylics but whether its those or natural, I do love long nails done up nice with the makes it that much more pretty!!!

    This is one of the reasons I keep going back to get them done...besides, my natural nails always breaks....:s
  10. I think having a slight nail adds to my ring because they elongate my fingers. I prefer an American manicure because it doesn't detract from the ring.
  11. My natural nails would definitely detract from the look of my jewelry, so I am devoted to my manicurist and my solar gel nails with french white tips. Nice jewelry deserves nice hands.
  12. ^ita!! :smile:
  13. I think as long are your nails are manicured it doesn't matter the length.
  14. I believe that as long as your nails look healthy and well manicured it's all good :yes:
  15. LoL ITA.

    I stopped getting fake nails when I moved to Paris and the prices on them (granted it was 10 years ago were OUTRAGEOUS) blew me away. I simply could not afford them, so I wore dark, vampy colours sometimes, sometimes fresh faced pink ones... all on short nails, but they were METICULOUSLY groomed.

    Years later, with an E ring on, I can't imagine my hands without proper attention. My hands reflect my life... the nails are only in bad shape when I am busy and stressed out of my mind! When I see this, I re-do my hands from scratch... clean, remove polish, buff 3 ways, 2 coats of strong clear. No matter what length they are, they look kept. And that def sets off the ring!

    When I see a girl with neglected nails, I see myself when I'm stressed and feel bad for her. E ring or not, thats what I see first!