Do you think everyones kinda over the Inclusion stuff??

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  1. idk i just been noticing less and less on ebay!!!

    i was gonna try and sell mine and when i went to look....there was like 3!!!!!

    anyone else notice this??

    is everyone kinda over them?
  2. I love the inclusion items!!! I wish I had more!!!!
  3. hahaha well at least some ppl are still interested!

    i love them too! i just havent even been looking since that last price increase!!

    the only one that i 100% hadddd to have was the grey, but i never got it. : (

    i did get the beige pm, beige gm, black pm, amarante pm & framboise pm

    : D
  4. I think if everyone was over the inclusion stuff, there would be more on sale b/c people would be trying to get rid of it.
  5. I've got an inclusion bracelet (PM) on my wish list for next month. Just need to decide between the sunset or pop pink colors.
  6. ohh man, i been trying not to look at the new colors. now u got my curious! hahaha trouble.
  7. I think with all the roses & graffiti hype that the hype about the inclusion stuff has been pushed aside.
  8. ^^ I agree .. the new colour inclusions are so lovely:heart:
  9. I love the inclusion items! The new sunset has been calling my name!
  10. I love it I don't own any yet but there on my wishlist
  11. not by a long shot, I even called LV's 1800 number to inquire about upcoming colors, lol. I'm totally in love with these bracelets, I just wish they would hurry up and make new colors. :yes:
  12. I agree!
    I wish this was true tough, because then I would be able to score some good deals on them :P
  13. Not me. Love 'em. Classic pieces with a twist!
  14. I really enjoy them- they are fun and easy and depending upon the color can go from dressy to cas- I just got the new Orange & Pink this week!


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  15. ^^Those are really nice! The new colors are amazing. BTW, I love the color of your scarf.