Do you think dogs or cats can see spirits?

  1. There were several instances that my pet dog would stare at the wall or at a space and starts growling or barking... pretty much the same reaction you will get from him when he sees a stranger. Last night, we were all sleeping soundly, when my dog started growling and barking while facing the door. He just kept looking at the door, even when I placed him on our bed, he still kept watching the door, and this lasted for around 15 minutes. We were pretty sure it was not an intruder, so my DH and I were asking ourselves, is it possible that our dog saw a ghost?
  2. We took my grandmother's dog after she died and we all thought that she was seeing my grandmother's spirit. Sometimes she would just sit there like she was looking at her, but nobody was there. Maybe she was just spacing out, but my mom and I were convinced she could still see or sense my gramma's spirit there.
  3. I think both cats and dogs have the ability to feel a sixth sense..that's just my opinion.
  4. I definitely think so. We just moved into an older home and there are times when 4 or 5 of my 9 cats will look in the same direction at the same time and just stare. I can't see it but I know there are 2 ghosts here. Animals are much more sensitive than humans.
  5. I agree with all of you. They have a special something for sure.
  6. Many years ago. DH and I were visiting a college friend who lived in Colorado, in a small town rural area. We took a walk with our dog down her dirt road. We were happily tooling along, when the dog suddenly looked hard at the house we were in front of, freaked out, and ran all the way back to our friend's place. When I told her about the reaction, she siad, "Oh that house is well known for having the ghost of the old man banker that lived there in the 1800's, he is often seen outside on the property".

  7. Oh, you betcha. I am sure that when my cat is intently staring at something, she is seeing something that I can't see.
  8. i believe they can
  9. ITA. My boyfriend has a story about his old rottweiler Jasmine, when they lived in the "servants quarters" of an old mansion in Wrightsville Beach. She would stare at the corner on numerous occassions and watch as if someone walked back and forth and all the hair on her would stand up straight. Thankfully I have never noticed any 6th sense on my pug because that would freak me out.
  10. My cat does this as well and I often wonder if she sees something..maybe my mother. I don't know.
  11. I think my cat can, she is always just staring at things when noone is there, it creeps me out.
  12. i believe this too. Something my dog just stares at the door with her ears up. BUt this type of stuff freaks me out. BUt i do belive they sense something.
  13. Yes, I do. My Buster used to stay on the lower landing of the stairs in the house we lived in before for hours. He just sat and looked to his left. He even stayed there after we went to bed. He's done other things too along those lines.
  14. I do. When I was in high school we had two german shepherd mixes. Due to some horrible repair men who left the fence gate open..they got out of the yard one day at 18 months old and where both hit by the same car. A few weeks later we got a new puppy...and she would stare INTENTLY at this spot by the garage door that was the old dogs favorite place to lay...and occasionally she would bark at it. This continued as long as we lived in that house. We always used to "chastise" the old dogs when the puppy would start barking and say "now girls...leave your new sister alone!" thinking that they must be doing something funny to get her to go from staring to barking.
  15. ^^ that is incredibly sweet :heart: