Do you think different colors break in more quickly than others?

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  1. I know this might sound nuts, but it seems to me my bright colored bags (saphire, mandarine, rubisse) have a different texture to their leather and that they don't break in as quickly as my neutral bags in black, brown, etc. The leather also seems to have a different feel to it, more plasticy and less soft buttery leather. Do you think it is because of the dye? Is it just me? I feel like the brightly colored bags are taking alot more time to break in and the leather just isn't as soft. What do you think?
  2. I personally haven't owned that many colors so I don't speak from extensive experience, but I think there are some bright Bal colors that are very soft right from the start, like EB. I didn't own that bag long enough to break it in but dang, was that leather soft!!
  3. So far 09 colors, my Sanguine has broken in already very soft and edible :P But Mandarin has yet to completely break in although its quite soft already. Both GH and used as often!

    IMO I guess the level of distressing contributes to how fast it breaks in. Mandarin or in general bags with smoother leather takes longer to break in compared to other more distressed leather? Or am I stating the obvious? :confused1:

    Sorry I'm of no help :sweatdrop:
  4. It really depends on every single colour. And even with same colour/season, you get very different leather texture. Some sapphire from 08 f/w take longer to break in while violet 07 f/w is often very soft from the beginning. For the darker colours, I've seen very rigid looking black last year as well as buttery soft marine. So I don't think there is significant difference between bright and dark colour bags. :smile:
  5. I don't know about color, but the GH bags break in faster then the RH bags.
  6. I'm having a heck of a time breaking in my black GGH city. I have it hanging with books in it now. She just WILL NOT GIVE! :nogood:

  7. She day she'll go straight from stiff to puddle
  8. ^^ good! I can't wait!:yahoo:
  9. i think the same way, that it depends on the color and how the leather absorbs the color, the dye makes the leather more or less smooshy. then there is the chèvre and agneau leather, different thickness of the leather.
  10. we recently purchased bbags from hk, my mom has a navy sgh midday and my sis has sgh argent city, i have an 09 rh black city...and so far the midday has broken in the fastest and nicest...all 3 bags are agneau leather. the midday is veiny yet so soft and smooshy. my black city is breaking in quite nicely, but my sis's argent is having a tough time 'softening up'.;)
  11. really? my friend and i compared our bags. hers is a black rh city and mine is a mastic ggh city and it's taking me forever to break in (i did the books and all that). my friend's black city has puddled and mine is still halfway there!!!! :sad:

    my guess is it really depends on what you get. i think there are alot of different leather variations...
  12. I don't like excessively puddly bags, so I'm quite happy. My Bbags, which are all different years, seem to drape nicely and have a little bit of structure. That could change though, since none of them is over a year old yet. I've only had my Anthra Twiggy for a few months. I also find that treating the leather makes them softer.