Do you think diamond studs are appropriate for daytime?

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  1. I recently read a column suggesting that the wearing of any precious stones, especially sparkly ones, is not appropriate until after six (excluding one's wedding and engagement rings.) I was quite surprised to hear this, so of course I had to consult my jewelry-loving friends here.

    Now I agree that huge cocktail rings or diamond tennis bracelets are probably better reserved for evening, in addition to long dangly diamond earrings. However, I own a pair of 1.5 carat total weight diamond studs (princess cut) that I often leave in 24/7! I always thought of them as a classic work accessory.

    What do you girls think? Are diamond studs appropriate for day? Does size have something to do with it? Or cut?

    I look forward to reading your opinions! :flowers:
  2. I absolutely think diamond studs are daytime appropriate :yes: - in any size or cut. I think they are classy and timeless. I wear mine almost every day to work.
  3. I've heard you're not suppose to wear diamonds or pearls during the daytime.. which would leave me with little but my watch to wear!! :crybaby:hahahah I think it depends more on how it looks, for ex. the size, how many stones there are, etc.. I think yours is totally appropriate :yes:
  4. I wear my diamond studs every day. Only take them off to sleep. I think they're 100% appropriate for every occasion from grocery shopping to weddings to...going to the gym. They're fool-proof.
  5. Diamond studs are appropriate anytime, anywhere IMO. Enjoy!
  6. I wear my diamond studs every day. I also wear my diamond pendant necklace most every day. They are my staples!
  7. if you're not supposed to wear diamonds or pearls during the day, what CAN you wear??

    imho diamonds are one of the few always appropriate things in life. :yes:
  8. ^^^^ Same here... I think they are very appropriate!
  9. I totally agree! hahaha I don't know who makes up these rules anyway!! :P
  10. Actually, the column I read said pearls are acceptable at any hour; it's just sparkling precious stones that shouldn't be worn.

    I can see how it makes sense as a general rule, but I still think studs or a small pendant are fine. Especially diamond ones. :yes: In addition to the fact that I adore my diamond studs, and they look fantastic with anything (from pajamas to an evening gown), mine have screwback posts, which makes them a little more time-consuming to take off and put on. I think that's another part of the reason why I often just leave them on for days at a time! :amuse:

  11. I leave my studs in all the time. Who has time to change earrings every day?
  12. Very appropriate, and look great with jeans.

  13. I think diamond studs are appropriate for daytime. I have a pair in a bezel setting that I wear most of the time. It's my earing staple.
  14. I keep my diamond studs in all day and all night long. I think they look very professional and can definitely be worn during the day. They actually go with most everything! They are not huge, about 1 ct. total weight.
  15. All of my old etiquette and style books say exactly the same thing about diamonds before dark, but I believe that's an old way of thinking. My dentist wears 2 carats in each ear on a daily basis, and honestly, her earrings are so darn big, I'm sure many people think they're fake (they're not though! Her grandmother loved jewelry and also left her an amazing 7 carat diamond ring!)

    Another friend, a tPF member in fact, wears her 1.5 carats in each ear and they complement her elegant, refined, and very stylish look. Diamond studs look great during the day. just stay away from the dangly earrings until evening.