Do you think Coach will fix this?

  1. The leather trim is actually peeling! I've only had the bag for 3 months or so. I'm so sad as this is my favorite bag and my first so it has a special place in my heart .
    SSCN0829.JPG SSCN0830.JPG SSCN0831.JPG
  2. For what we paid for this bag they better do something!! Good Luck
  3. aww I am sorry! Why don't you go personally to the store! I hope they do!
  4. i would suggest taking it to your coach store and explaining the situation. that does NOT seem like normal wear and tear to me. if they can't fix it, they should replace it or give you full merchandise credit. good luck!
  5. I have the excat same problem. I was as the mall on sunday and showed it to my SA and she said that they would send it in for repaairs, but I had to do it later cuz I was using the bag that day and had nowhere to put my stuff. Anyways she said that mine was the second she's seen this week. So I'm pretty sure they're gonna fix it, hey they might even replace it.
  6. Wow, that is a shame. I hope you get it fixed or replaced.
  7. That's actually just a sealent, not leather but definetly send it out!
  8. ^^^im glad sprinkles said that. its nice to hear from an employee!
    i would THINK they would not DREAM of leaving you with a bag like that!
  9. Absolutely! They are usually good w/ taking care of repairs like that. My friend had a signature hobo in black for a little less than a year but it started turning to brown. She took it to the store at KOP location and explained the situation and they gave her a BRAND NEW one. Just take it to the store and work w/ the manager. They should be able to do something about that.
  10. Yes, they will fix or replace that. Do not worry.
  11. I was in the store today and I saw someone with the same exact bag who came in and was complaining about it ripping and breaking, they replaced it on the spot!
  12. Don't be sad. They will fix it for you. :yes:
  13. Im sure they will fix it or replace it with no problems. Good luck!
  14. Thanks everyone for your input. I'm fairly new to Coach and this was the first time I've had to do this. BTW - they ordered me a replacement with no problems and it is on the truck for delivery as we speak. Gotta love this forum - all of you are so nice and helpful.