Do you think Coach has any more surprises left for the holidays?

  1. Just wondering if any of you have insider scoop on any more new styles or colors to look forward to this holiday apart from the ones already on the website and new catalog. Like Carly or Ergo, for ex, are there any new combos to look forward to? Finding out about new designs in Coach from this board is like peeking through one's Christmas goodies!
  2. No big surprises yet. I did find some new bracelets:


    I'll post if I happen to find more surprises!
  3. I like this one
  4. some stores are piloting a bag...similar to the Hamptons line...i can't think of the name of it...'M' something or other....
  5. Wonder if it will be in the website?
  6. i m sure they are!
  7. depends on supply and demand. If demand is low in bags, there gonna have to come up with a surprise.
  8. I think it's Madeline (saw it when I hit A on the Japan site a few weeks ago). There wasn't a photo and it's gone now.

    Katrynar, when are you starting the job? Looks like I'm on board beginning Nov. 11.
  9. yeah....that's right, thanks!

    one of our local boutiques has it so I'm gonna go see it tomorrow hopefully.

  10. I have no idea :sad: wahhhhhh i m itching to start! I been doing recon work today lol
  11. i hope so cuz im not in love with anything new....
  12. I hope so too! They should put something new out in the next couple of weeks, something that is new just for the holiday season! but i kind of doubt it. i feel like everything new for the holidays is out- since the holiday patchwork, the lurex accessories, the winter theamed key fobs, etc. are already out. i hope im wrong though!
  13. Madeline will launch in all stores after will be a variation of the Hamptons collection but with fun/spring colors...
  14. I totally agree! Other than a few key fobs and the 07 patchwork wristlet, I'm not really diggin anything new right now. Which is GREAT for my pocketbook, though!!