do you think Coach bags will become less exclusive and popular

  1. Do you think Coach bags will become less exclusive and popular in the future... BECAUSE everyone and their mom, grandma is carrying the line?

    Like... it just seems like an ordinary bag now because everyone has it.

    And therefore, people will not like it as much in the future, because it will lose it's flair.

    What do you think?

    Upgrade for Coach or Downgrade for Coach in say the next 5- 10 years?

    Like Chanel will always be a high-end designer.

    But will Coach still be the same popular brand?
  2. I wouldn't even say that Coach is exclusive now. Like you said, EVERYONE seems to have one. That being said, it seems like they're trying to charge way more for bags (look at the Legacy bags).
  3. I think Coach stopped being 'exclusive' some time ago, and dropped a bit more in my eyes when they started to go on sale at Macy's.
  4. I rather already think it's less exclusive. It's definitely not on my list of to buys in the near future for me and I never got into coach. But if you like it why not get it? I'd prefer a leather bag though then their signatures.

    I also wanted to add I think the Coach brand itself will probably devalue. Even though a lot of people have LV, the price seems to keep going up. So I think LV has better resell value then Coach will, since Coach seems rather the "norm."
  5. Well, let's see ... they've been around for over 50 years. You say 'Coach', people know you mean quality. I've had a Coach bag for over 30 years; I don't carry it any more because it's too dirty, but there are no loose stitches, no flaws, no design or manufacture defects. They are so popular for a reason. I haven't bought a new Coach in a couple of years because I don't care for their designs right now, but you know what ... I imagine I will in the future. I don't think Coach is going anywhere.

    I do think that Coach is no longer a 'designer' brand ... but it's a brand that's here to stay. Coach seems to have it's own place in the world ... not designer, not low end, just a bag that's part of our lives. And we can depend on it.

    Just my two cents' worth.
  6. I would say that in my neck of the woods (I live in Singapore), high end brands have lost some of their lustre, since fakes are so readily available. In fact I would say more people here carry fakes than the real stuff. So brands like Coach, LV, Prada etc are so ubiquitous that I really don't think they can be considered exclusive anymore.

    It's come to the point where I feel self-conscious when I carry my genuine Coach bag because I wonder if people are looking at it to see if it's fake!

    That's the reason I now prefer indie designers. The pirates are too busy focusing on the vanguard of the luxury goods market to bother about smaller brands!

    At the end of the day, I think the value of a brand is in the eyes of the buyer. If you love Coach you will definitely think highly of it, and vice versa.
  7. i got my first coach bag almost 30 years ago...over the years i felt like the bags went kind of "blah"...but, i do think their quality is amazing...last year i purchased the red patent leather ergo hobo and loved it...this year i like the slim carly...i also carry rebecca minkoff, linea pelle and celine...i buy what i like and what appeals to me at the moment...not very interested in how the rest of the world perceives it...
  8. I was reading a news story about flagging retail sales in December. It quoted the president of Coach as saying that their sales were down 50 percent, necessitating that Coach distribute coupons. I thought heck, if you raise the prices of your purses to $500 - $700 of course the sales will drop.

    I think the Coach name has a great deal of cache among women of all ages as a purse of long-lasting quality. That reputation could be lost quickly if they don't maintain their quality. But assuming that doesn't happen I don't think Coach's luster will fade.
  9. Coach has been making a high quality bag for ages - but for some reason, I find them dull. That's just me - I think they will always have their market.
  10. The Coach brand isn't meant to be exclusive. Their target market is "affordable luxury"

    Their selling point is classy, fashionable, and well-crafted goods that the masses can afford

    If you think about it though, handbags are probably the most affordable luxury goods that a brand has to offer. Not everyone can afford a couture gown or a wardrobe full of D&G and Versace, but most people can afford 1-2 luxury handbags.
  11. First off, I don't own a Coach - it's not my cup of tea and I would seriously struggle to think of 4 Coach bags that I've actually liked. I can't argue with the quality of the bags - there's a reason you still see so many vintage Coaches around. That said, I do believe they've already lost their "exclusivity". I can't say that I would *never* buy a Coach, but I'm so sick of seeing everyone in my small town carrying them, that it would have to defy the normal "Coach-look" for me to consider it.

    In fact, in my town(and all the surrounding towns), I see monogrammed Coach just about everytime I turn around. It bugs me, because everytime I see one I wonder - does she *really* like that bag or is that just a way of saying to the world, "look everyone, I can afford designer too". I would love to be able to tell some of them that there is life after Coach. Is that just me?
  12. I'm moving this to Coach. . . but it's not going to be pretty! :shocked:

    Word to the wise. . . be respectful.
  13. Some people always have a need to put down another person or another brand in an effort to elevate themselves. Sad. Live and let live.
  14. This is one of the reasons why I try not to be on tPF as much anymore...

    Why can't you just buy a bag because you like/love it and not because of the "brand," "luxury," or "exclusivity" of it?? Anyone buying a bag purely for it's name or status, well... I won't go into that.
  15. I was wondering why people who didn't even like Coach were in a Coach thread. Ugh! :rolleyes: