Do you think Chloe bag is heavy?

  1. Hello! This is my first time here in this forum. I'm truly a fan of Chanel and LV but I went shopping today and like a model of Chloe bag. I always think to buy MJ, Balanciaga or Chloe bag but couldn't bought one yet as every time I will use my budget for Chanel or LV instead.

    I try on a Chloe bag and it looks great!! but....why it is too heavy ???
  2. i find the paddies with the padlock are heavy, but the newer styles like the bay and patsy are light. so it really depends what style u want.
  3. Which one in particular? I think the paddingtons are really heavy and I don't think I'd buy one for that reason. My silverado isn't that heavy. The Betty hobo I tried wasn't heavy at all and it's next on my wish list I think.
  4. The hardware of the paddies adds weight....the betty with chain handle is heavy due to the chain...but there are lighter bags in the line.....
  5. As others have said, yes, the Paddington is H-E-A-V-Y. That's the reason I sold the first one I had. On the other hand, it is such a beautiful bag! So, heavy or not, I recently bought another one. I just couldn't resist. (And I'm trying to pare down what I schlep inside it.)
  6. The paddy weighs 3.5 lbs empty (the padlock itself is 6oz).

    Sio if that would be too much, maybe go for a new style. The patchwork bags are very light.
  7. I honestly dont find them heavy at all, even with the lock and packed full of stuff. Guess it depends on if youre used to hauling around a lot of weight.
  8. Yes, it is but I love the bag.
  9. As I always say, there are two weight classes for ladies with their bags. There are the heavyweights and lightweights. I am a heavyweight. I don't find my chloe or any other bag I have really heavy. Even when they are stuffed with my things, they all feel the same weight.
  10. I actually love the heavy feeling lol does that make me weird? *wonders*
  11. I don't mind the extra workout of hauling the Paddy around - and I have the LARGE belt pocket. Builds upper arm muscles!!!
  12. elongreach, I want YOUR arms! (Hey... did you recently change your tpf name? Don't I know that picture from another name?)
  13. I have the Baby and she is 1 Kg e 200g (sorry I don't have a converter). She is lighter then other sizes but I'm veeery slim, and for me is heavy too, but I love so much my Paddy that the weight become not a problem for me (and moreover is passable). I can't imagine to sell my bag for this reason!! You can carry it easy..:yes:
  14. I chose an Ava small satchel recently (although it's actually a pretty good sized bag) because of how much I LOVE paddingtons, but since I tend to fill my bags the extra weight would have killed it for me. It has a similiar look, feel, and AMAZING leather.

    Chloe bags aren't necessarily that heavy, but Paddy's can be. Maybe that extra effort reminds you it's there! :love:
  15. I have the Betty satchel. I wore it all day yesterday for the first time. It's not heavy at all. I believe the paddy style is heavy b/c of the locks and the Edith satchel has a small amount of heft to it, but to date, of all the Chloes I bought these past 2 months, the Betty is by far the lightest.