Do you think Chanel would ever do a GST in the khaki color??

  1. I still am waiting for the perfect brown bag. I didn't get the khaki cabas over a year ago and I wish I had. I was afraid of metallics, then, but this is so subtle I think it will last. Now--no khaki cabas anywhere. But, wouldn't a khaki GST be pretty??
  2. hmmm, I dunno, maybe! LOL!
    They already have a brown one and a camel/beige one, so I doubt it, but you never know!
  3. I thought they did. Now, I'm going back, oh, 16 years ago, so it may not have been a GST, but a tote that looked VERY VERY similiar. A coworker wore it with dark green, white and black clothing; it looked great.

    It was my first time seeing a LARGE Chanel tote. Gorgeous.