Do you think Chanel Timeless Clutch will go on sale or is it a limited edition?

  1. Right, is the chanel timeless clutch is a limited edition?
    Just seasonal, I mean.
    Will it go on sale one day??
  2. I don't think so... Because I think they're on demand...
  3. I don't think so either. I think they'll just keep going up in price. =(
  4. It will remain. As it's name says it's "timeless" in the shape, size; simply perfect
  5. no, you can pretty much bet anything in the Timeless classic collection won't be on sale, unless it's a very unpopular color.
  6. definitely won't be going on sale
  7. Yup, ITA with the other ladies. It won't go on sale -- it's a Chanel classic. Other clutches have gone on sale though, like the mademoiselle clutch.
  8. There's no chance at all I think. It's way too popular! I want both the white and grey ones :drool:
  9. No chance at all. Like Amanda pointed out, it's from the timeless collection and these bags never go on sale.
  10. So it's like Channel flap huh? It won't go on sale?? Cause last time I talked with one SA and she said that usually this seasons item, will go on sale around the next year or so.
  11. Even if timeless clutch is seasonal and will go on sale, I don't think there will be any more left by the time the sale starts. All will be well sold out before then.
  12. ^^yes, but it's not a seasonal item.