Do you think chanel handbags are getting overpriced?

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  1. I would like to know everyone's opinions? Thanks:smile:
  2. Flaps were merely half the price just a few years ago, so absolutely they are overpriced. So as long as people will continue buy they will continue to raise.
  3. Unfortunately Yes. I really wish that I started collecting Chanel bags about 4 years ago. My collection will never be as large as it could have been. Sigh!
  4. I def think they are overpriced.
    I really would like to buy a chanel bag but the prices are way to high and ridicilous imo. so I will not support this and buy one at the store.
  5. Yes, flaps are absolutely overpriced. Currently I have two flaps, medium black and light beige, and I am finished with Chanel. I want to dedicate myself to Prada:graucho:
  6. Flaps are overpriced but they are so lovely! Other bags (i.e. GST, PST, medallion tote, etc...) are competitively priced for a designer bag
  7. I guess everyone's opinion of "overpriced" is different ;) Yes, I believe the flap bags are expensive, but I only buy what I can afford anyway. Several years ago I was NOT able to afford Chanel bags, or any other high-end designer bags for that matter which means I was unable to purchase Chanel at their "low" prices. Times have changed in my favor however and can afford Chanel at its current prices fortunately. I don't *need* a lot of Chanel bags though, a smaller collection is fine with me!
  8. Maybe this is a super newbie question but can someone explain to me the aggressive price raises? Clearly they're higher than inflation and the only explanation I can think of is that it's a sales tactic for Chanel to continue to raise the price to encourage people to "buy before the next price raise" :sad:
  9. Is this even a debate? Yes, they are. So are lots of other things!
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    wrong thread..
  11. very!! its sickening that quality is going down and prices are so high..very greedy
  12. In November of 2006 I bought a jumbo caviar flap for $1695. Now they are over $4,000. Need I say more.
  13. ^^wow, just wow. Yes, absolutely they are overpriced.
  14. Yes, yes, yes and yes!!!
  15. Higher prices and decrease in quality, kind of wonder why any of us bother :Push: