Do you think Chanel handbag prices are "astronomical"?

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  1. Do you feel it is worthwhile to spend 3, 4, 5 or 6 thousand dollars or more on a Chanel handbag? If so, why?
  2. I must think it worthwhile as I own several Chanel bags. I know it is a lot of money but I do not want to purchase bags that are not classics. I only want to invest in bags that will be around for years and keep their value. If you think about it, you can invest 5k on a Chanel and if you take care of it the bag will be relevant and beautiful, well, always.
  3. Of course the prices are astronomical, but so are all luxury goods really. Obviously it's with it to the people who buy them. :smile:

  4. I think it's absolutely insane. I think they are pretty but there is nothing special about any bag to spend that much
  5. It is justifiable to me because the way it makes me feel...Strong, Powerful and Chic....Priceless!
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  6. Yes, I do - I think most of us here on the Chanel forum think the goods are worthwhile -- bags are kind of "my thing," and there are a lot of things in life that I do not buy or partake in that others do. So, it's kind of a trade-off there. Also, I work my a$$ off, and indulgences keep me motivated!
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  7. Yes but I still love them. We all make tradeoffs to have the things we consider worthwhile. My girlfriend spends about 12k a month traveling often. As I added that up, that was about 3 bags and I was happier with my choice!
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  8. Yes I think the prices are astronomical. And no, I don't think it's "worth it". But I still spend on things that aren't "worth it" because I love them! I only wish I had bought more classic bags years ago. But I guess I could as likely say that years from now, so have decided to continue buying "if it makes my heart sing!"
  9. 5K+ for a bag is :nuts: i buy preloved to keep my own costs down. i have 11 chanels, 9 preloved and 1 i bought new for 2850 and i thought i was crazy to do so. so, yeah, they are astronomical considering what you're buying. if you can afford 5K+ chanels w/out incurring debt then buy them, but if a woman needs to finance a chanel, that's a major financial mistake she's making. #1 rule... don't go into debt for any bag. they are luxury items that should only come after everything else is paid off, imo
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  10. sometimes memories are more important than money
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  11. I don't think it's worth it from a financial perspective, but it makes me happy to own something.

    But the funny thing is that I don't think it's that exclusive of a brand, I do think it is pretty. Everyone I know in person hates Chanel though because of its style and price.

    The exclusive ones are the ones people don't know about very well but it is still well made or personally customized.
  12. Well said, couldn't agree with you more! Never go into debt for a bag, definitely not worth it. I also agree it's a luxury item you can live without it. so these things should only be bought if that money can be parted with. :smile:
  13. Totally agree.
    I had better service in the preloved market than I ever did any Chanel boutique, over the phone or in person.
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  14. If you can afford it and love the bag, I suppose it's fine, but these days I prefer to go the preloved route unless it's really something special :smile:
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  15. Yes, if it makes your heart flutter and happy. Chanel brings a smile to my heart, for that, its worth it since I work so hard for it. Its ok to go in debt if you can pay it off 12 months finance free interest. (MPA at Saks). ��
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