Do you think Chanel classic prices will increase further???

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  1. I am interested in your opinion about this topic...coming from Europe the Jumbo is now at 5700 Euro. Do you think Chanel is going to increase the prices again (this year)? Will they at some point think „maybe that is enough“ and stop increasing?
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  2. Yes, most definitely. I was speaking to an SA about this at the time of the last increase and he said he definitely thought they would, in about a year from the last increase. He said the increases are not preventing customers from buying.
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  3. That is true... we are all still buying
  4. Honestly, I was surprised about the increase in November. There had been 2 increases in a row (2017, 2018) but before that it had been almost 4 years. I kinda thought they wouldn't push it this last time. So you never know. They could decide to hold up for a bit, but I would never count on it.
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  5. I think as long as the ducks are quacking, they will feed them. Sadly, supply and demand. It is a business as much as fashion is an art form.
  6. They definitely will. It is a business after all. People will continue to buy even with the increases
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  7. Absolutely.
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  8. I do unfortunately think they will continue to increase :sad:

    Curious: what have you heard their justification for increases to be? I know they don't actually need one, and they probably think: we're Chanel, we increase because we want to and clients will continue to buy.

    A few years ago, I was told the price increase was to better align prices around the world. I think they say they still do that today due to currency fluctuations. But, it's obvious that there's more to it: they increase due to popularity, without care to quality.
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  9. That is really the problem - the issue of quality!!! And it is just crazy and turned me off in October / November last year...Europe had a huge price increase and I really could not get over the fact that one should pay 350 Euro more for the same bag, which I saw 2 weeks ago for less. I know this is how it works, but it is crazy.
  10. What reason would they have NOT to increase prices? People are obviously willing to pay them!
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  11. lol fair point. Maybe: "because we are skimping on quality, offering nothing additional to the same bag that we've been selling since 1955, and treating our customers worse than before"
  12. My bet is they are shooting to be on par price wise with Hermes . I could see them going To 10k over time
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  13. I just feel so lucky to have scored a like new lambskin jumbo from fashionphile for what I feel was an exceptional price. I think the prices will continue to rise. I can’t in good conscience buy a brand new bag at prices that are nearing 7 grand. I do love my classic flaps but the increases put brand new out of my comfort zone.
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