Do you think Cafe is too heavy for the summer?

  1. I just got a Cafe with you guys think it's to heavy for spring and summer? Cafe is really dark chocolate that looks alomost blackish in the dark...

    Or do you think it's a year round bag?

    I guess I just have this thing for light bags in the summer thing.....
  2. I would wear it all year long. In the summer you can lighten it up with light colored clothes. It is a beautiful piece so you should wear it all year.
  3. I'd wear it in the summer. I wear black in the summer. :smile:
  4. nope. brown is good year round
  5. Personally I think it's a bit dark for the summer but that's just me. It is a gorgeous color!
  6. I saw Cafe IRL, and I personally thought it was too dark for the summer. Again, it's very personal, but I like neutrals and brights for the summer. This season I like blue glacier and argyle!
  7. I vote too dark for summer.
  8. I'm planning to use my cafe city all year round. I think brown is a great complement to summer whites and colors. However, I have to admit that I've loved the richness and warmth of the color during recent cold weather so I'll have to see how I like it in the summer.
  9. ^^ no way jose, not for me it's not :wlae:
  10. I also vote for wearing it during summer and year. Its a good change between lighter and brighter summer colors. Its a neutral color you can combine with so much.
  11. I wouldn't wear it in the summer. In the summer I only carry dark bags if I go out at night. Cafe is really dark and when my friend carried hers at night it looked black. It's your choice and if you like it night or day, summer or winter, that's what matters.:smile: