Do You Think Bruce Willis's New Girl Looks Like Demi Moore ?

  1. [​IMG]
    Young love: Bruce Willis and new girlfriend Emma Hemming, who bears more than a passing resemblance to former wife Demi Moore

    Spitting images: Bruce Willis' current girlfriend Emma Hemming, left, in a Victoria's Secret lingerie campaign, and his ex Demi, right, in a scene from Charlie's Angels
  2. Yup! thats what I was thinking when I saw her!
  3. more like a bad knockoff.

    the REAL test, is will she look that good when she gets Demi's age? Plus Demi had 3 kids....
  4. :wtf: I see the first picture and my initial thought is yes she does look like her. Then I was looking at her fabulous outfit thinking how classy she looks. But, low and behold and scroll down a little. Boy was I off on that one. Naked on the runway = :tdown:.
  5. very true.. ONYL TIME WILL TELL ;)
  6. I don't, but I think we know his type.
  7. Wow, she looks super young maybe even too young for him, how old is she?
  8. I agree...their coloring is similar, but I don't think their actual faces look the same.
  9. true....but if she gets the name of Demi's plastic surgeon, then we can compare!;)
  10. Not really.. besides, that's not as bad as if she looked like one of his kids !

  11. well then we ALL need to get Demi's plastic surgeon, cause she looks natural and fantastic in that photo!!:tup:
  12. I dont think so...I love that dress shes wearing though!!! :heart:
  13. They both do not look alike! Both are hot women though...
  14. I agree, they are both HOT!!!
  15. Not really, but she looks lovely.