Do you think Brooke will be a the outlet soon?

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  1. Do you think that Brooke will be at the outlet soon? Does anyone have this bag? Any comments?!?!?!? Has anyone seen the Taupe colour IRL? Would it be a good neutral for spring? TIA:smile:
  2. some colors of brooke has hit the outlets, the other ones i don't think will go anytime soon* eg end of this month.

    taupe is one of the colors that has been sent to the outlets, i know my local store has sold out of the smaller and only sent one of the larger size.. other stores around your area might not have sold it as well so you might find it at the outlets. g'luck

    personally i think taupe is a great neutral color for year round--..the gold color is pretty against it. and i'm normally more of a silver girl.
  3. Thanks for the info. I think I'll check and see if they have any at our local boutique.
  4. Just a thought: Macy's seems to have a good selection of Brookes on clearance--50% off the list price and then there is a 20% coupon available that works on clearance prices. I saw Brookes in plum optic signature, taupe, quartz that were all in that smaller size that is not that small. Make sure you have the coupon--this is their 'wear red' sale and they will sell you a red doo-dad for a small price that comes with the coupon if you don't have one yourself. No disrespect on the doo-dad remark--it may have been a red ribbon for fighting heart disease. Frankly did not notice the doo-dad, but did see the Coach on sale. Also, many bags 30% off list--saw a plum Audrey and maybe a Hailey in the same color. Not sure if the coupon works on those. Also lots of skinnny minis and wristlets marked down. If anyone goes, look around and also ask. The 50% off bags were on the bottom shelf of a display about 2 inches above the floor.