Do you think botkier bags are just copies of balenciagas?

  1. I really like Botkier bags, but my friend said she thought they were just glorified copies of balenciaga bags. What do you think? :girlsigh:
  2. it's funny, i have heard people say this before and i always think it's so silly - i guess they say it just because balenciaga and the botkier triggers both have tassels? i don't think tassels are so unique, so i don't think that using them makes botkier a knockoff in any way - their shapes, etc. are distinctively their own IMO.
  3. Do you have any pictures?
  4. I'm not very familiar w/ Botkier bags, but the few I saw didn't reminded me of Balenciaga. Is there a particular style you're referring to?
  5. Here are pics of my Balenciaga City and Botkier Trigger. I don't think the Botkier is a copy. The only thing similar are the tassels, otherwise they are two completely different handbags.
    Balenciaga4.JPG botkier1.jpg
  6. The only thing that is similar are the tassels, otherwise they are very different bags, and by no means a copy.
  7. I agree . . . not a copy. No way!
  8. I have both and they are very differnent bags (in feeling) - both have their merits - but they are both beautiful bags.
  9. Same here. I have both and don't think Botkier is a copy. Actually my Botkier has tabs and not tassels.
  10. Yes, I thought it was silly, too. I just wanted your thoughts. I just bought one today! I got it at Bloomingdales for $250 from $600. It's the leather zip satchel in hazelnut.

    botkier brown.jpg
  11. Totally different IMO. The leather is completely different, the styling is different ... nice deal you got btw!
  12. These days often many designer items seem to be knock offs of other items but in this case, Botkier is definately not a glorified copy of balenciaga bags! By the way, pursesrock, nice bag!!
  13. I own both, so I'm voting no. My botkier was purchased in order to "ease my way" into handbag addiction. They are two completely different bags, minus the tassles. They didn't even have tassles to begin with, the zipper pulls were tabbed.
  14. I definitely do not think they are the same. Botkier is more utilitarian - more compartments and pockets to stash away things. It is also more "square" in shape.
  15. No way.The only thing in common is tassels. Different styles totally.