Do you think blue inclusion goes with this?

  1. So this just came today...but I like to decorate my bags...I think scarves will I immediately thought of the new inclusion speedy....what do you think? :tdown: or :tup: Blue overload? Would it get lost in the bag? Any other suggestions (I already have the MC fleurs which I could use)?

  2. absolutely the inclusion is a lovely shade of blue it will really go well with the bag,

    I agree it's a slightly hard/biker chick looking bag ( I hope you know what I mean I'm not trying to be rude) and a scarf would lokk too cutesy on it
  3. Oh I think the new blue will work!

    Also- perhaps a black one or a white one.
  4. LOl Claire...I know exactly what you mean!!!!

    Frozen: Thanks girl!!! I am planning on eventully acquiring all the speedy keychains :smile:
  5. I think it would work great.
  6. I'd definitely put that on there. It would look amazing!
  7. That would b too much blue. BTW congrat's on a wonderful bag.

    what about something like this ?
    what about an LV panda, do you have one of those ?

  8. I think it would go well! I also like the look of red on blue and vice versa!
  9. Nice Bbag Twiggers! The Speedy and the multicolor charm would look pretty on it....but stop posting Bs on the LV forum because if there's any brand that will take me off my LV collection is it B and I really don't need another obsession (I don't have the guts to sell off my LVs).:nuts::p;)

    Congratz by the way!!!
  10. That may be too much blue, but I would have to see it to make a true decision! It may look great!
  11. It'd be super cute !

    I think the clear one might be the nicest though, and the best bang for buck since it'll go with anything !
  12. Thanks so much everyone!!!!!

    LOL Riley.....keep looking at 'em girl LOL

    Bag: I actually just sold my panda cles LOL And he might be a little too big for this size bag (he'dwork great on the bigger one I'm buying)!
  13. It would look great on there Twiggers! And putting key chains on the Bals stops you using the tassels to open the bags, so it keeps your tassels nice and clean and stops them splitting xx
  14. I personally, would like the blue on blue:tup:
  15. I think they'll go GREAT together! I'm a biiiiig fan of blue on blue action. :tup: