Do you think Bidpay is the safest way to receive payment?

  1. I don't trust paypal that much with dishonest buyers making claims such as fakes, not as described or the postal service messing up with no confirmation of delivery (which happens quite often). I am a honest seller trying my best to protect myself from any faulty claims and I personally think paypal sucks. Do you think bidpay is any better? Which is the safest way to accept payment besides money transfer which is not allowed with eBay (of course I also understand from a buyer's point of view).
  2. Well, this is heresay from other sellers etc, but I was told as for "safety" issues that paypal was by far better than Bidpay however, each and every person's experience may be different. As for buyers' making fake claims of rec'ving a fake bag, look into the thread in this section about ways to mark a purse that you ship.. several GREAT ideas.
  3. I didn't realize money transfers are not allowed by eBay. I've read of other sellers accepting wire transfers. Why is it not allowed?

    Thanks for asking this question! I've wondered myself.
  4. ^^ Although eBay claims that it's for the buyers protection that money transfers are not allowed, I've a suspicion that it's also cos ebay is trying to get people to use Paypal. Obviously they can't ban all other types of payments except Paypal, so they have to allow a few. But eg. why is Google Checkout not allowed? It works exactly like Paypal! So, that's why I think part of the reason why money transfers are not allowed is to get people to use Paypal. Ultimately, whether a buyer will have problems with his purchase depends on the honesty and integrity of the seller, regardless of the payment method.
  5. since ebay owns paypal, they pratically make it impossible to accept other forms of payment. I tried setting up a account using bidpay and it took me forever and I finally gave up and used paypal.
  6. Wire transfers are obviously safe for sellers, but NOT for buyers. I know I would never pay for anything on ebay by wire transfer...because once it's sent, its gone.
  7. I use Bidpay to take payment from international buyers outside of Canada and UK to open up my market. I recently had a 0 feedback buyer ask me if she could buy my bag and have it sent to her address in Hong Kong. I had her pay with Bidpay. Bidpay took 3 days to clear approve her payment, they even called her to verify the transaction. I am very happy with Bidpay.

    Good luck