Do you think Balenciaga would be age appropriate?

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  1. Hello, my niece who is a teenager wants a nice handbag for christmas so she'll combine money off family to get the one she wants and after looking at every brand the one she wants the most is a city bag. She doesn't have that many bags and recently she's cleared out a lot of things so she wants a nice bag suitable for everyday and also for travelling. Personally I think it's better than spending that money on small things that are going to clutter and she won't be as interested in down the line. I know she cares really well for things and she does know it's quite a big purchase especially at her age.

    What do you Ladies/Gentle men think? :smile:
  2. How old is she? Is she 13-14 or 16-17, 18? I think it makes a difference because, although Bals are pretty tough, they may be too delicate for a teenager to wear every day no matter how careful she is with her things. Also, I think it depends on her peer group and how she will feel with such an expensive designer bag around her friends. Heck - my peer group thinks I am crazy for what I spend on bags, lol. I personally think she may be too young, but then I am no longer raising teenagers (thank the Lord, lol), so I may be "out of the loop."
  3. I think if she is 16+ is would be a good choice. Any younger than that is too young IMO.

    Also, get a black or dark color, a little more durable and better longevity :smile:
  4. Is a City a little too small for traveling though?
  5. IMO, yes. I worry less about her caring for it than I do other's stealing or messing it up.
    It's not practical or appropriate for a teen IMO.
  6. I totally agree. Not appropriate.
  7. Hi seem to have this question in a couple of forums. I guess you already know how I feel. 19+ is the appropriate age for me (even then level of maturity may be in question)...unless she is a teen who is so mature and is the caregiver of her younger siblings and sacrifices everything for her family and their well-being, I do not think it is appropriate for a teenager to be rewarded with something so expensive. I feel like that sets a precedence for what may be to come in their future. I may be a little old school...but kids nowadays are way too fortunate and spoiled compared to the older generations.
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    Well, teenager is a pretty wide age range. But providing she won't be carrying it as a school bag (I know some do, I just can't imagine loading up any of my bags with textbooks), I think it's fine.

    I'm confused though - as her aunt, will you be buying her this bag, or are you just contributing to the Neice Balenciaga Fund? Both completely different situations IMHO. If you just give her X amount of Christmas money, it is her money to spend with as she wishes; and at that point, it's in her parents discretion to suggest she put it into or savings or something. If you're buying her the bag outright, it seems a little less appropriate.
  9. I completely agree with you YOYO. Unless you are Madonna's or Brangelina's kids (cuz those kids basically don't have lives based in reality), luxury bags of this price point are inappropriate at such a young age. It really does set a precedence. By the time she is 18 or 19, she will expect a Hermes. Kids don't understand the true value of many things. She didn't work hours to earn that money. It was given to her. Kids nowadays are way too spoiled. Seriously stuns me to hear 6 year olds expecting an iPad...that is a single piece of hardware worth $$$$$. Would we have EVER asked for something so extravagant when we were 6? Nooooo Way.

    I have to note something my 6 y.o. daughter does that I love. Her best friend and other school friends have the DS handheld game player. She likes it of course. However, she knows we aren't buying things like that. So, she draws and cuts out just a flat paper DS for herself. She draws the game she would play on it. She created that and uses her imagination and REALLY gets joy from creating and "playing" the game. That is wonderful to see. A child's imagination is so magical and beautiful.
  10. I got my Balenciaga at 14. It was my first premier designer bag and I lusted after it for so long. I think it's good for a teenager because the design is more youthful IMO than most other premier designers, it's more durable than many other designers (the leather actually gets better with wear IMO) so using it every day shouldn't be a problem, and it's not recognizable by other teenagers unless they also share your niece's appreciation for fashion, so there shouldn't really be any jealousy/theft issues. Nearly five years later it's still one of my fave bags and I still carry it all the time :love: If she's going to use the money to purchase a bag, I think it's a great choice.
  11. That is a really sweet story of your daughter...thanks for sharing. I think kids nowadays have lost touch of what it really means to be young...the innocence is gone because of the society we live in. Thus as parents/aunts/uncles etc we can't enable certain behavior otherwise our kids will continue on this horrible route to adulthood. Like you said when I was 15 I was scared to even ask for a cell phone. The only time I got to use a cell phone was if I was out watching a movie with a friend so my mom could get a hold of me, as soon as I got home that cell phone was off and back in my moms hands. Designer bag, didn't even have the balls to ask, my money or not.
  12. I do agree that as the contributor to your niece's bag fund, you really have no say in how she spends the money.

    If you are buying it for her, however, I'd say "No". I wouldn't even buy it for my own daughter!

    Twenty plus years for average income earners to carry a Bal or such-priced designer bag is my minimum age.

    Like another poster said, I would be concerned what her peers think of her when they see and know what an expensive bag she has. I didn't start buying that kind of bag unti I was well into my thirties - but that was an income thing for me.

    Perhaps children of more wealthy parents will get that kind of thing as their gifts on a regular basis.

    Having said that, even though we are now lucky enough to not have to worry as much financially, as other folk, I still wouldn't buy something like that for my own child. Maybe she can get it second-hand for $500 from her work income at 18 years old... but, as long as she was living under my roof, I wouldn't want her friends thinking she had money to burn - just my own thoughts.
  13. Too young IMO.
  14. Chalk me up in the old school category too. Once again, we agree Yoyo!

    Teenager is way too young. Even 19 is pushing it.
  15. My only concern is that teens are really hard on bags. I know I was as a teen. I dragged my bags everywhere. They got thrown around, treated roughly by friends (boys) and I put all kinds of crazy things in it (nail polish!) And to spend that much on something that's likely to get really hard use seems like a recipe for heartbreak. I had one of those tough as nails (now vintage) glove tanned leather Coach bags, and that thing looked like it had been run over by a car at the end of a year. And Bals, though tougher than they look wouldn't stand up to that kind of thing for long. So in that way it seems like a waste of money. I hate to burst her bubble, but if she does get one someone should really be clear about what she should and shouldn't do. (no nail polish! Or pens! Or shoes!)