Do you think Ashton Kutcher is really the luckiest man alive?

  1. Would you date someone seriously who is more than ten years your junior?

    Do you think he would be getting a raw deal or would the woman?

    Or neither?
  2. I do not know if I could date a man ten years my junior. I definitely prefer old men but I think it would just depend on the person. If he is mature for his age it would make a difference but I am not keen on being mistaken for someones MOM!
  3. It sounds like a cop-out answer but it would really depend on the person - I mean, I'm 35 but I would probably date Bruce Willis or John Travolta but I think that they look really good for their age, probably because their job basically dictates that they have to look quite good and keep quite fit. Also, their attitudes seem to be quite young and as it is commonly known that women mature more than men, we probably wouldn't seem that far apart in age.
  4. When I got older - say around 45 - and if a hot young thing (legal of course) was after me then I mean.. what the hell.. you only live once!!
  5. I do date younger men and for the most part, always have. I don't know if its because I am immature, but I rather prefer it to older guys. I figure that's why I look so good for my age. No plastic surgery required!
  6. I dont have any intention of dating any time soon but I personally wouldnt go more than 35 right now. I'm just 21 and i still have alot of maturing to do which i dont think an older man is going to be attracted to you know?
  7. no, pffft. my BF is the luckiest man alive! HA!
  8. I'm not sure how to answer this question. Daniel Radcliffe is 8 years my junior, and I would date him in a second.

    But honestly, saying that makes me feel a little weird; especially since I think that old guys who ogle 18 year old women are kinda gross.
  9. not sure if it is true, but i heard on a radio gossip segment that ashton kucher was several years older than he claimed. they had his voter registration or something. again, not positive if it is true or not, but i wouldn't be surprised.

  10. ^ :p I wanted to say that for my DH - who is Ashton Kutcher anyway.....:rolleyes:.

    but seriously - I like that DH and I have literally just a few months between us (he is older though - haha). for myself I wasn't keen on huge age differences either way.
  11. i agree
  12. Of course not! If he was the luckiest man alive he would be married to ME. :roflmfao:
  13. Ashton Kutcher is a cutie...he's only a month younger than me!

    When I was 18, I dated (consecutively) a 26yr old, then a 16yr old.... and those were the biggest age differences so far!
  14. no! my DH is the luckiest man alive haha
  15. Agree! At an older age I would do it.