Do you think about resale value when you buy a bag?

  1. I often sell some of the bags which i don't love that much to fund new ones. The re-sale value is often quite important to me since i don;t keep my bags for long and as a student, this is one quick way to satisfy my addiction to the latest bags. I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks this way?

    I'm in love with a miu miu bag now, which cost as much as an LV speedy, but i know if i were to sell it later on, it would not fetch as much as an LV...should i follow my heart or my mind? would like to hear your thoughts...:smile:
  2. Yes, I do...I'm always buying & selling, selling & buying! If I totally LOVED a bag, I might not care as much but my interest in bags is always changing. LV & Balenciaga from my experience, are a great investment as far as resale value. I'd say, if you truly love the bag & you know you will carry it & get some milage out of it so to speak, then go for it! Miu Miu is moving up the "it" bag might be suprised how much you get when you sell it;)
  3. I dont. I love the bags. I'll wear them now, or later, but I love having them there when I need them. And I love switching out and wearing a bag I haven't worn in a while. It's like buying a new bag.
  4. I buy bags to use, not sell. I buy it because I love it, when I get tired of it, I'm happy to get whatever with most of my USED bags because I used them and got what I wanted out of them. Let someone else love them secondhand.
  5. not that much of a discerning factor for me.. actually i tend to say that when justifying some brands but all in all its more of the outfits and people glances in my head that win over the resale value! :smile:
  6. Nope, I buy bags that I love. But I am biased since I have never sold any of my bags. I have thought about it but then I know that they are worth more to me than someone else (memories - limited editions).
  7. I don't like selling my handbags but I tell my boyfriend "it's an investment if I wanted to sell it blah blah blah" hehe
  8. No, I don't think about it. I buy the purse because I like it and will use it for awhile. I don't think I could ever resell any of purses. I'm too fond of them.
  9. No, I never buy to resell or think of resale value.

  10. You said EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    I've never thought about resale value. I only buy a bag because I love it and want to use it.

    If it happens that I get tired of it down the line or my tastes change...then I'll either give it to a family member, donate it, or sell it...depending the bag.
  11. Not at all, bags aren't an investment personally - they're for pure materialistic entertainment purposes. :biggrin:
  12. no... if i love it, i buy it. no question asked.
  13. nope
  14. Nah. I buy to keep, and only sell if I'm absolutely positive I dont love it anymore (which has only happened once).
  15. No, I never think about the resale value ... I buy what I like, not for what I think I'll get for it later.