do you think a wristlet would be a good present?

  1. hi! i would like to buy my babysitter a Christmas present. I will be going to the outlets within a couple of weeks and i was thinking of a wristlet. (she's in the 8th grade and she babysits a handful of times a year.) any other ideas, or is a wristlet a good one? key chain? cell phone charm? i just thought a nice coach piece would be nice... tia! (i'm 34 and i love my wristlets!)
  2. I think a wristlet would be a nice gift. That's if you ask me of course. It's much more useful than a keychain etc.
  3. I think wristlets are the best! Its not like its useless and cheap like a keychain. Since your at the outlets, the wrislets must be at least a discounted prices already, so why not go ahead? money doesn't seem an issue right here.
  4. I teach junior high (7th and 8th grade) and I have seen about 10-15 girls running around with wristlets.

    So I think it would be a great present. I think something in brown or black would be great and you can get great deals at the outlet.
  5. ^^^ thanks, all! i am looking forward to doing some coach shopping!!!
  6. Absolutely! They are practical ,yet fun! Great idea.
  7. You're so nice! When I used to babysit I would always get lotions. :p At her age, I would have LOVED a wristlet or skinny.
  8. I think a wristlet is a great gift and it's much more practical than a keychain or cell phone charm.
  9. GREAT idea! Mini skinnies are another option, but in my opinion, wristlets are infinitely more useful. I'd recommend something black or brown and perhaps err on the side of "classic." Something young, of course, but personally things like lurex and patchwork (which I think are now at the outlets, according to another thread) are hit/miss. Yes, it's more lively and young, but if I got a lurex wristlet in 8th grade, I would've shoved it to the bottom of my dresser and forgot about it.

    Just my two cents of course!!
  10. Yes, I think that she'd love a wristlet! Great gift. Hey, I gave one to a friend for her 30th b-day, she loves it. They're so useful at any age.
  11. Definitely! My daughter is in 7th grade and uses her wristlets every day to through into her backpack w/lunch money, cell phone, etc. Great idea!
  12. I think a wristlet makes a great gift at any age, but I think that is especially nice for a teenager. Wristlets aren't too expensive, especially at the outlet, and you can use them for so many things. Great idea!
  13. I think wristlets make great gifts, I sometimes would stock up during PCE in case I may need any last minute pressies.
  14. thank you everyone! i love them, and i she's really nice and good to us so I wanted to get her a nice present. i think i can do well at the outlets and if i get a classic color she will really get use out of it. (although my mom got me an eggshell blue one a couple of easters ago and it is one of my favorites!!!)

    thanks again, everyone. i don't post here often, but i do peruse. you all are very nice!!!
  15. They are just over $20 at the outlets now. I know because we just got home from Vegas and I bought a bunch of them. I have teen daughters and altho they have wristlets, they will make great gifts for their friends. Perfect to carry a cell phone, camera, etc... VERY useful gift.