Do you think a tall girl could pull these off?

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm afraid I will look enormous ...
    But at the same time they look so cute!!!
  2. How tall are you? Shoe size? I am tall and wear a 9 to a 10 so I usually avoid wedges and espadrillas. They're so pretty :love: but come off looking boxy on me.
  3. they are so cute!!!!!! how care's how tall you are! if you like them and have a cute outfit to match then GET THEM!!
  4. those are super cute! how tall are you? I don't think that height should limit how high your heels are! most models are over 5'10" and they still work it in fiver-inchers! i say get them! :biggrin:
  5. I personally think this style of shoe looks best on a tall slim body type. Being tall and curvy myself...I don't find this style looks best on me.
  6. i'm 5'10 and i still wear 5 inch i say go for it
  7. I frankly think they look better on taller people who are on the thinner side. I tried them on and I thought they were cute (I'm 5'8".)
  8. ^ I think espadrilles look good if you have thin legs..if you don't it looks weird. to me. You can pull it off with thin legs IMO.
  9. I think they are cute and you should go for it. If I were tall I would still wear high heels... someone out there has those additional inches in height I was supposed to have:girlsigh:, lol.