do you think a speedy 35 would look funny

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  1. on me? I'm only 5'1" i was thinking about selling my 25 and getting a 35. what do you guys think?
  2. I'm 5'3" and petit size. I would love to have speedy 35, if I can turn back time.

    You can find speedy 25 in many collections (azur, damier, epi, minilin), but you will find speedy 35 only in mono. ((the discontinue epi speedy doesn't count))

    I vote for the 35!!!!
  3. yeah do it! i have a 35 and im 5'2" and never wear heels!!!! it looks great and is very roomy :yes:
  4. For my taste, the 35 is too large for an every day bag. I would use that more for traveling or an overnight bag. I don't think I could pull it off at 5'7", but it really depends on your personality and style, too, and it is possible that you could pull it off, but I would need to see it to give you an answer.
  5. I agree, I'm 5'7" and I found the 35 to be too big overall. I'm very happy with the 30!
  6. Nope...don't do it!!!

    I have a Monogram Speedy 35 and I am always complaining that it is too big. Trust me,you will be much happier with a 30.
  7. Get the speedy 30
  8. I had the 30 and just got the 35. I absolutley love the 35. Its big, but not too big..BTW I'm 5-8 though. It really makes a statement. I'm so glad I decided to keep it. I haven't stop using it since I got it.
  9. I think it depends on personal preference. I'm 5'0, and there's no way I could carry a 30 even, so I wouldn't go 35 unless it was meant to be like a carry on for travelling.
  10. You have a little one so you may need the room. Personally I love my 25 and find it big enough. If I were to go bigger I would get the 30. (I am 5'3 on a good day..haha). I have seen pics of people with the 35 though and some can pull it off. To me it would too big. I have no idea what I would carry in it!
  11. i'm 5'5.5" and I carry a 35...and I love it!!!! I also have an azur 30 and sometimes i find that too small, but i still love it!
  12. i'm 5'0" and think the 30 is a tad small for me at i'm gonna get the 35 one day. i don't think it would look odd on you at all. it's all in how you carry the bag.
  13. cool. Yeah i have two kids and i put diapers and everthing in my purse lol. I like the look of the 35, now im kinda iffy thought about selling my purse though cuz i love it!
  14. I sold my speedy 25, I thought it was too small but then again I love big bags
  15. well and most ppl think my speedy is a good sized bag. But I love the sag on large speedies so thats why i want one i think