Do you think a Picotin.......

  1. ridiculous for me? Be honest.

    Here's why.....when I was in the store buying my Graphite, I saw a very elegant woman, tall, dressed in black, my age toting a gorgeous Etoupe Picotin (the MM size) and she looked GREAT! Really chic......a bit sophisticated.

    Now, I'm not saying I have the capacity to be all those things if I owned a Picotin but.......I have to think if she could pull it off, then surely I could???? Maybe????

    Why am I all of a sudden liking the Picotin????? :shrugs:
  2. S'Mom????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. S'Mom: Why am I all of a sudden liking the Picotin????? :shrugs:

    It's fun, you're fun. It's a complete change from the Kelly, and it is absolutely gorgeous in etoupe. I also think the MM is easier to pull off than the PM. (I won both.)
  4. Because they're fabulous.

    You would look fab with one, D. I know you suit smaller, structured bags (me too) but I really think you could pull off a Picotin - it just has to be the right size/colour/leather combo.

    PM, for sure...or MAYBE MM?
  5. Dear S'mom, you would look terrific with a Picotin MM. You and I are of similar "vintage" and I adore my Picotins. Have you tried taking one for a test drive around the store?
  6. You'd look fab. I can picture you in jeans and a jacket toting a picotin Etoupe? olive? Do they make them in cafe? (I have a current cafe obsession so pardon me if every other color I recommend is cafe)
  7. S'Mom...I think you had better wait until our lunch...this...I have to see... Methinks no Picotin...but will consider the possibility the little lunch bag looks good on you...
  8. Raisin Clemence PM.
  9. Etoupe Clemence PM.
  10. Hmmm...I am thinking cafe, gold, barenia... Picotin, really???
  11. BARENIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My store has a barenia naturale MM with rouge handle lining!
  12. cafe would be nice.
  13. Where did she go? Some grab Muffin...quick........................
  14. she's hiding....

    flush her out!
  15. LMAO!!!!!! I was taking a little wine break outside on the patio!!!!'s my thinking. Picotin. Etoupe. MM.

    OR that Barenia with the Rouge lining...Something a little different?