Do you think a large Carly would be big enough...

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  1. to use as a bag carryig some diapers? If you hadn't read my saga below, I bought the Ali but I think it's too small and the Mandy is out of stock--I'm wondering if a large carly bag would be big enough for my wallet, my wristlet, my phone and a diapees and wipees case for my potty training son....? I don't even know if my store carries it, I might have to order it but wanted some opinions before I buy another bag that I don't like! :wtf:

    thanks so much!


  2. From the pics I've seen I would say the large carly should be plenty big enough.
    here, this should give you an idea.
    (I know how much Kallison enjoys us digging up her old pics, lol)
  3. Yes. :yes: I definately do.

    I was in the Troy, MI store today - they had a few on display and I definately think they would be big enough to be a "transitional diaper bag" type idea... Very cute for that too!!
  4. I think it would for sure be big enough!!! You might even be able to fit your son in it!!! I absolutely love mine, I can fit my whole life in it, and it is gorgeous!
  5. Thank you so very much everyone. I'm sure I'm driving my SAs crazy--I'm still so upset over losing out on the Mandy--but the Carly sure is pretty! I just don't want to buy another bag without seeing it first--and they're all sold out around here! :sad: I'll take the bag experts suggestions! THANK YOU!

  6. Def get the large Carly!! Don't will be big enough..I have it and love it!! And I'm picking up the matching wristlet I ordered tomorrow!! I have the parchment color...TDF!!! Will you get leather or signature fabric? IMO leather is easier to take care of..Just wipe it down often and keep it moisturized..then the dirt won't set into the grain of the leather..Good luck!! Post pics when you get it!!
  7. it can hold alot and not look overly stuffed. i use it as a school bag and carry sooooo much, if you search you can find a pic of my carly fully loaded!
  8. :roflmfao:

    And I definitely think the large will be big enough.
  9. i agree with everyone else!
  10. I got the big one too. Somedays, it will be a baby bag.
  11. Definitely big enough. :yes:
  12. Thanks so much everyone. I am going to call the store today for hopefully the LAST time! I have to return my daughter's signature demi--she doesn't like it because it's too narrow--now she wants either the Carly demi or the top handle pouch in khaki/gold! ay yi yi! I don't think I"m going with leather--I have a black leather shoulder bag and it's got scratches from my kids and dogs and from my kids knocking it on the ground, etc. I think the signature would be easier to take care of for this house! LOL! Now I'm trying to figure out if I should buy a new wallet...:smile:

    Thank you!!

  13. yep i say its big enough