Do you think 900 is too much to start at for Jimmy Choo Morgan?

  1. I got this morgan that im selling for a friend. we still haven't come up with how much it retailed for. she can't remember and no one on here can give me a definite answer. I wanna say between 1900 and 2100.

    In any case due to the price (retail)

    I think used 900 is a good starting price. but, do you think the reason no one is watching it is because it's too high? or because of all the fakes on there that people are suspicious?

    Sorry the picture so huge

  2. That picture is way too big, you can always reduce the size before posting it. Well IMO opinion the bag looks with a lot of wear and stains and maybe that's what's scaring buyers away.
  3. The other issue is, JC just finished a huge sale, and their handbags on sale can go for 50% off. So even though your friend bought it for full retail, she has to acknowledge that someone else may have had the opportunity to buy it for half that. I don't think you can discount from the full retail price; I think you have to discount from the sale price (because that's what any reseller who bought at the lower price will be selling at). You're currently selling for about half of full retail; about half of a 50%-off price would be in the $500 neighborhood.
  4. ^^^ ITA and this Morgan was 50% off at JC and NAP and NM and BG several months ago.

    She needs to consider $495
    Good Luck!
  5. oh i see i didn't know. perhaps i can change the price. ty i changed it to 600 start 800 bin. ::shrug:: ill just see how it goes, and relist lower if i get no watchers.

    thanks for your help ladies