Do you tell your SA?

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  1. If you've bought any H items (especially bags) from an online reseller, would you tell your SA where you'd gotten it from?
  2. I did - they didn't seem to have a problem.
  3. My SA asked where I got my other H bags and I told them from a reseller but no mention of names... seems okay...
  4. LOL - I'm totally honest w/ my SA!:yes:
  5. I have to be - I'm such a terrible liar - that's why I had to tell DH when I did my little accounting episode yesterday...

    I'm a disgrace to all Scorpios.....
  6. THAT's for sure.......oiy vey........:rolleyes:
  7. Lol!!!
  8. I only do ebay for vintage items and only rarely at that. So, I am honest about it and they don't seem to have a problem. In fact, they seem to like my vintage items.
  9. I am afraid to carry my rouge birkin to the boutique because they knew I wanted a birkin badly and was on the waiting list there. I just got my gold one from them, so maybe now I won't be afraid. It just feels like cheating on my SA right now.
  10. I have not gone the reseller way for any bags yet but I would probably be very honest about it with them (not mentioning names, though).
  11. pyrexia ... I do not know the nature of your relationship with your new SA at H but I would not be too quick to spill the beans, KWIM? SAs expect to see walk-ins going into the store to show their H bags, and try to have their bags authenticated. And trust me, they have the patience of saints ... waiting to be proven right almost every time.
  12. I do for small items -especially those older items and are discontinued or very rare (but not for bags).
  13. I thought that H stores or SAs banned folks who bought from re-sellers? Or did I misunderstand something?
  14. No, that wouldn´t make any sense:confused1:

    They ban people who are resellers.
  15. My SAs have never asked. I would not give the information freely.