Do you tell your parents/SO how much your bag really cost?

  1. Whenever my mom asks how much my bag was i always say oh it wasnt that much, or just lie. She does not support my spending that amount of money on handbags.
  2. I've never lied. I usually try to avoid the question or giving the answer, but if my boyfriend persists I tell him. He doesn't understand the purse thing, but he knows he doesn't have to and is glad they make me happy (or at least that's what he says! haha).
  3. DH does not know exactly how much my bags cost, but my mom does. She spends major cash on shoes, so she respects my handbag fetish. Everyone spends money on something...
  4. Absolutely NOT.
    We live by this handbag rule:

    "Don't ask, don't tell" !!!!!

    Some things are better left unsaid!
  5. I def. try to avoid the question, like wordbox... it's not a fun conversation. Neither my parents nor my SO appreciate fashion, so they think a bag should be in the low 3 digits, cost-wise... if even that. My mom almost had a heart attack when she found out how much her Coach purse cost! I just say "you don't want to know," and they leave it at that- or sometimes "you can look it up online yourself" LOL!

    That, of course, is when I'm buying the bags with my OWN money. I would probably act differently if it were with someone else's money or communal money....
  6. My mom knows how much roughly designer bag cost and I still use her money so every penny I have spent she should knows.
  7. Amen to that!

    I asked my BF to grab something out of my closet the other day and he was pointing at everything going "THIS is ridiculous! How much was THIS? When did you get THIS? Ridiculous! RIDICULOUS!"

    But he spends money on crap that I think is ridiculous too! So we're even!

    But to answer the question, I tell him how much stuff costs. I think he would be more concerned about it if I lied. He is even impressed with some of the deals I score, he just thinks I shop too much. Which is true.
  8. I do NOT tell him. It's my money and I'll do with it what I want! :roflmfao:

    On the flip side, this means I cannot complain when he buys an Xbox (on top of the PS and Nintendo we already have...)
  9. It is on a need to know basis and DH does not need to know.
  10. My parents don't know, but they live far away and it simply wouldn't come up in casual phone conversation, lol! My bf is usually present when I purchase bags or return them, so he has a pretty good idea of what they cost. He's not really interested though, he thinks that it's just my "thing." I would certainly tell him if he asked about a specific bag.
  11. I definitely don't offer up the info. MH knows how much some of my bags cost, but has no ideas on others. We have separate "spending" accounts, so we agree that how we spend that money is our own choice. My parents are clueless.
  12. I don't tell my Mom the price. Instead I tell her I got this for over 65%/55%/70% off etc. and wasn't that a great deal!! She says wow, what a great deal and that's the end of it.:smile:
  13. haha, love this! I'm going to use this next time.
  14. Yes, I am a SAHM and we have joint accounts so he knows. Plus he is there and buys purses for me so there is no hiding. Of course with the purchase of my first Chanel which he bought for me, he now thinks LV is affordable, haha.
  15. Wow, just this past weekend I was thinking about this issue. My mom is fully aware of (and aghast by) the cost of the high-end bags, but she isn't at all familiar with most of the brands I carry. This weekend, she saw and loved my Hayden Harnett bag, but then she says, "How much was this? $50?" Imagine the look of horror on her face when I told her it was over $100....poor mom! So, yeah, I think I'll try to stick with just telling her at how much %-off I managed to buy my bags.