Do You tell your DH the True Cost of a LV??

  1. Just a general inquiry. Before I make the big purchase, I'm trying to work out the logistics of delivery and how I'll explain to the better half about it....:shrugs:
  2. I don't hide anything from hubby. I will add in something like "but I beat the price increase" "I got free delivery" or if its from ebay I'll say "but honey its below retail"

    We're no good at keeping things from each other.
  3. Of course I tell him the truth.

  4. :lol:The "it's from eBay, it was cheap!" worked for a while, until he saw my credit card bill.:lol:

    My DH bought my Damier Speedy, and was with me when I looked at all of the other bags that I love, so he now knows EXACTLY how much LVs cost. I can't hide anything from him anymore.
  5. I tell him.
  6. I don't hide from him. and the good thing is he never nag me :nuts:
  7. you just have to tell him. If you don't or if you lie and he finds out later, he'll probably blow a fuse if he's not used to you buying bags. :P But don't worry! It gets easier after the first one! :sweatdrop:
  8. DH knows exactly how much they cost (if he doesn't, he knows I have a spreadsheet of costs on my PC!). I negotiate with him how much I am allowed to spend on bags, and then he lets me go over it! :P
  9. Nope . . . he knows! Plus, it's my "spending" money so he can't complain :smile:
  10. :nuts: Okay this is the deal~ The only thing we argue about is $, so I do buy 100% off ebay....this way my hubby doesn't have a coronary right on the spot~ However....:graucho: I also use my own spending $ which is alotted monthly...he Sees the bills....he knows and he still gets irritated...and I just throw back that it is my $ to do with what I want....See he likes balls all kinds of balls:nuts: footballs. baseballs, basketballs, golf balls...and these take enormous amounts of time away from our I buy what I want! :wlae: I have a job. I earn $...

    Sorry about the confession....who else to tell it to?:shame:
  11. I cant hide it from him because he sees the credit card bills!:wtf: :wtf: SO i got my own credit card to avoid the "CSI Investigation" but the minute he sees those LV's on the bag im carrying....Busted!:noggin: He knows I have spent some serious $$$$$$ He doesnt get the whole Designer bag thing...."its just a bag". Mind you this is the same guy that throws down serious $$$$ on cars & car stuff.....Men!!!!
  12. Hey, thats what were here for....:love:
  13. :shame: Thanks :flowers:
  14. Yes, always have. He is supportive of this crazy habit of mine...he knows I don't go overboard and should the sky fall in...I can sell it all on Ebay!

  15. He never asks:shrugs: but I would otherwise!:P