Do you tell them it's Balenciaga?

  1. i've been wondering and i need you guys' opinions about this. when somebody asks you what brand your bag is, do you tell them it's Balenciaga? I've gotten a few compliments on my bbag the past 2 weeks that I've had it (my very first one, in Truffle) and there was one (coworker) that asked what brand it is, so I told her, now she's on a quest to get one for herself. it's quite amazing how a bbag can *shine* the way it does even without the logos!! anyways, i guess all i'm saying is that in general, i don't mind telling people the brand if they ask, but there are certain people around me that like to copy for the purpose of competing, you know? and i dont want to let those people know the brand i'm carrying. do you guys go through this too? part of me thinks i'm being selfish, but then again, i can't stand it when somebody buys these nice things in order to be 'better' than others. :yucky::confused1::tdown:

    i hope that made some sense....sorry if i couldn't explain it better.

    i would appreciate your thoughts.....
    sorry so lengthy!!
  2. I simply say I don't remember and then offer which city/state I got the bag from. And then I switch the subject. For instance, my response to my Aquamarine City is "Hmmm, I can't quite remember but I got it from Florida." One of my other bags: "Thanks so much for liking it. She's from Dallas. I love your __[Enter article of clothing/accessory that cought your eye here__."

    Since I don't live in Florida or Dallas, people usually don't think they can find it around here, and tend to not ask more questions after that. I've learned that being purposefully vague and having a selective memory can be an asset. If they continue asking questions, I'll tell them.
  3. lil_miss_sha....
    GREAT ADVISE THANKS!!!!!! first i guess is try to be vague about it (which I have done before) and that usually works, but i guess some people are just too persistent huh? i know somebody like this and i totally don't want to tell her the brand, i already brushed it off last night when she pointed out my bbag, so i'm already trying to figure out what i'm going to say when she asks me next time i see her....coz i know for sure she'll keep asking!
  4. i tell them - i don't really care who wants to copy my style ;)
  5. My friends know about Balenciaga so they know what my bags are without asking....It's a brand that is definitely much more mainstream now. But I have no problem telling people because I don't feel like I "own" the brand.
  6. Be proud & tell them it's Balenciaga!!! They obviously admire your since of style if they're trying to "imitate" you. :yes: Take it as a compliment =) & strut your stuff ~! Since you're CA it's not too easy to obtain them & our dept. stores here don't carry loads of them either... and NOT everyone knows what Bal is even if you tell them. :wlae:
  7. oh no...i dont feel like i 'own' the brand or anything like that, not at all....

    like i said, i generally don't mind telling, but there are certain people that i do mind telling them..... :shrugs:
  8. oogie....i know it's interesting to find out that a lot of people in my area don't know about balenciagas yet. when then ask and i tell them it's balenciaga, they just go "oh okay" hehehe....
  9. This isn't something I've ever encountered. I freely give away information - as I feel very flattered when people compliment my things! I'm proud to carry Balenciaga and love them to pieces.
  10. couturefemme....thanks for the input. im proud of my one and only bbag too :yes:
  11. it depends where and whose asking...

    friends or people who stop me while im shopping will get the truth, but i like to be more modest at work, especially around my supervisors, so i usually say i got my bags while traveling or "some random store in soho" and they fall for it everytime.
  12. Not if I can avoid it - as I am hiding the true extent of my depravity. If people do find out, I tell them that it is like homing shelter pets - save a deserted bag. (This is of course a total lie.)
  13. I always tell them what bag I have.....Balenciaga loud and proud!!!!!!
  14. don't blow.....same with me, it all depends on who's asking! glad you guys understand....
    same with you jenova... :smile:
  15. Since I carried my new Magenta, I always get a "a long deep stare and head turner" on it :smile:..

    And I got this person on the train asking me where I got my bag with the conversation as below:
    Stranger: I loveeeee your bag!!! Where'd you get it from?
    Me: Oh thank you. I bought her (note I personized my bag :p) from NY

    Stranger: Oh really?? I really love it..Can I ask exactly where?

    Me: (Hesitating to reveal cos I usually got the "WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY TO SPEND THAT MUCH MONIES ON BAG" look)err..Balenciaga NY..
    Stranger: Oh! Lovely..

    Then she completely shuts down..:rolleyes: