Do you tell people how much you spend on your MJ bag???

  1. I often get asked how much I spend on my bags, mostly family and friends, i never tell cuz i think i spend too much, but I want what I want and since I don't have too many vices, I'm ok with this one. But I'm curious if ppl ask you guys how much you spend, and do you tell them??

    ps. i recently bought my mom and mj dianee for 400$, not very expensive at all but i'm a bargain hunter. anyway it was in new condition, only didn't have a dustbag, so i gave her mine, but i kept the original tag on it of 1000$ or so, and she was so shocked. i told her i didn't pay near retail, but i havea feeling if i told her i spent 400$ she'd be shocked anyway.

    lol she sees my lv and mj and fendi bags and she asks me all the time how much and i don't tell. i'm so happy when linea pelle had the sample sale, i could tell her i spent 65$
  2. My boyfriend has stopped asking how much I spend, hah. He didn't like the ensuing heart attacks after getting a nonchalant "ummmm, around $1500 or so...maybe more..." Besides, I only spend my money, and our finances are completely separate. He has his expensive hobbies as well, so in the end we're pretty happy with the don't ask, don't tell policy.

    My best friend and I will give each other all sorts of details on our collections, price tags included. However, she collects cars, so she can't really say anything about what I spend :lol:

    My parents take every opportunity to remind me that I should be saving as much money as possible while I'm young, so I generally keep them out of the purchase loop :whistle:

    As for everyone else (co-workers, acquaintances, strangers), I smile and don't answer. It's none of their business :smile:
  3. If they were designer savy they would already know. So, I act like I don't remember. It's either not their business, or a good friend with less spare cash whose feelings I don't want hurt.
  4. i'm addicted to mj stuff, i don't have alot but i know i will, not sure i'll get another fendi or if i'll ever get that burberry or chanel but somehow i know i'll get another mj and will eventually get an hermes bag.

    lol matter of fact i have another one coming next week, i'll post pics but if anyone asks this time, i'll say not enough, i'd pay anything.
  5. i made the mistake of telling one of my co-workers and now she blabs to everyone :sad: my mom knows how expensive they are so i try not to use a variety in front of her because i get the same lecture about saving my money
  6. lol, i know that variety trick, i try it with my husband, he's kinda given up though, he knows i'm addicted to purses and this forum, he's addicted to the rsx forum (acura rsx forum), so it's all good.
  7. If people asks then I would tell them the truth, but otherwise I'll keep it to myself!
  8. usually i get things at such great deals so i don't mind sharing the percentages off i got but not the real price. They can figure that out if they want to. Unless it's a close friend, my boyfriend, or people i work with that know about labels and cost etc, i dont' ususally tell them. I do think it's kind of a strange question to ask someone....
  9. "not enough" is a good one!!!
  10. i usually dont tell, bc the reactions ive gotten in the past from people make me feel like im doing something wrong. hah. but like was already said, if the person is designer savy, they already know the cost.

    another thing, im 22 years old, and i can afford to buy myself mj bags with my OWN money - so i am proud of my purchases. :smile:
  11. ^^That's horrible that you had people make you feel like you were doing something wrong! I'm sorry to hear that. Being 22 and able to purchase your own high-end items is really something to be proud of!

    I'm 25 and I buy my own handbags, too. My mom knows how much they cost, but she can't say a thing because we have a joint savings acct and she knows how much I sock away each month. That, and that fact that she's got handbag fever, too! My FI doesn't love the fact that my addiction costs so much, but we also have a joint savings acct for the wedding and house that I contribute to monthly...he also buys me bags as gifts occasionally, so he feeds the addiction. Friends who are close and/or designer savvy already know how much they cost, so we like to sit around and compare and discuss them. Others opinions don't count that much to me, I just let the negative roll off my back and the positives brighten my day.
  12. My DH knows how much i spend on the bags, but i don't tell anyone else. My friends and family would never understand. Plus it's no one's business, i think it's rude that people ask how much someone has spent on anything.
  13. exactly! i take care of all my bills first. then i put some money into my savings, and THEN whatever i have left, ill treat myself. im glad to hear that your only 3 years older than me, and you seem just as financially responsible :smile:
  14. Depends on who's asking. Coworkers and acquaintances I'll just say "oh, I found it on sale and got it for a crazy good price" (that's usually true anyway). My mom and my close friends I'll tell them the real price AND the price I got it for, because they can appreciate a great deal. My fiance usually DOESN'T want to know, but I'll tell him anyway because I want to brag about what a steal it was. :p

    I've learned to NOT tell my coworkers the actual price of a bag. I work for a non-profit and don't make very much money, but I'm (usually) good at saving. If they see that I'm carrying a new designer purse the first question out of their mouths is usually "is it real?", followed by "how much was it?".
  15. no, especially my bf. and when we went to purchase a new blake for my bday he apparently fell over. 4weeks later he still asks if i would like to return my bag.