Do you tan?

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  1. I know a lot of people say it's bad for you and many people suffer problems, but we'll leave those aside for this thread, OK?

    I try to get an hour or so a day in natural Sun this time of year. Also whatever I get just being outside doing other things, but you have things covered up normally there. Poolside time is better, more relaxing.

    I never do the artificial booths though.
  2. I do not avoid the sun. I do not intentionally lay out much but when I go walking/hiking and watch my kids soccer games I don't wear sunscreen. Only on my face/chest and that is for vanity reasons only (and doesn't even really work).

    I do use umbrellas when I am hot and I will use sunscreen for long days in the sun because I'll burn if I don't have a base tan but I am a huge believer in the importance of getting Vit D from the sun. I am Caucasian but not pasty white so that helps and my kids are half Filipino and I don't sunscreen them at all.
  3. My skin is already naturally tan (NC 35 in winter, NC 40 in summer), so I don't tan on purpose. I wear sunscreen on my face everyday but don't wear it on my body all the time unless I'm going to the beach/pool or be outdoors for prolonged periods. I think a little sun is OK for Vit-D absorption.
  4. I've had one bout with skin cancer so no, I don't tan.
  5. No. I know too many people who have ended up with skin like an old handbag. I use a subtle self tan to take the edge off the paleness
  6. I've seen this too. A tan looks fine when you're younger, but later on the price is very wrinkled, leathery skin. I like the products out now that give you some bit of color.
    I'll admit I like being out on a nice sunny day, but after 20 minutes (for vitamin D), I either go in or put on sunscreen.
  7. Pale and proud!!!
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  8. I'm really light skinned and don't really get much darker no matter how hard I try [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] any self tan recs? Haha
  9. Oh, you're like me - I am super-fair and as the majority of tans work with the skin's melanin, I have to work hard to tan. I work for a self-tan company so not sure I can post recommendations here in case it's seen as promoting the business, but I'd be happy to PM you a couple of suggestions...I am currently wearing a new product and not only do I have a healthy golden glow, it's lasted five days. Woo hoo!
  10. Oohhh I would love to know the product you are speaking of!
  11. Oohhh I would love to know the product you are speaking of!
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    I have lived in the Deep South all my life & have lived in the sun. I always tanned. In the past year, I have had 4 sun cancer surgeries; the price I've paid. At my age, my skin has lost a lot of it's elasticity & collagen so it does sag a bit & is getting crepey. I don't lay out & tan anymore but I don't avoid the sun either. I do get out in the yard & flowerbeds & I do walk. My husband & I are both active outside. I have always used sunscreen on my face & I have worn a hat to cover my face for several years. I use a self tanner to give me a little color but don't over do it to the point of being orange. While I like the look of a tan, I would not advise it for those who are young. Sun damage will show up later on. I see some people I use to spend summers with tanning & their skin looks so wrinkled & weathered. My SIL still gets out by the pool for hours at a time & it's really starting to show; she's 52 but looks to be closer to my age which is 61. I'm also to the point that I prefer to be cool so I have no desire to lay out tanning for hours. I prefer air conditioning to the heat & humidity of the South. LOL
  13. so I *think* I PMed you, but who can tell with this new set-up.
  14. I would love to know a few suggestions as well. I want a golden glow & would prefer something that doesn't have that self tanner smell. :huh: Please PM me as well.:smile:
  15. My grandmother, mom, dad, and sister all had some kind of skin cancer removed from their faces. So no, I NEVER tan. I wear 70 SPF on my face when I'll be in the sun. I'm very fair skinned with light eyes so I'm not taking any chances.
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