Do you talk to yourself?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone here does and if so, is it often....:P
    Do you catch other people doing it?

    (not talking about voices in your head):nogood::nogood:
  2. Yes, sometimes I do when I'm working on something and I'm trying to remember all the steps I have to do. It makes me look crazy, but it helps.:shame:
  3. Yes, quite often. Especially when I'm at school. In the engineering computer lab I'll talk to myself when I'm working on programs and the guys around me will often either correct my thought process or steal my idea.
  4. Day and night.
  5. All the time! It drives my mum nuts. :shame:
  6. ALL the time :lol: we won't discuss the little voices in my head!
  7. I do and I get caught quite often :shame:, then I cop all the smart a$$ comments.
  8. LOL! Same here.
  9. Yes all the time.For instance when I forget something I'm like"oh crap, I forgot so & so".
    Or even "wow I should've so & so, oh blah blah blah". It is normal to talk to your self.:P
  10. i plead the 5th :shame: haha i always think i see people talking to themselves but i come to find out they have those blue tooth things. though this girl christina at my work who never shuts up and keeps talking and talkng i do find talking to herself all the time.. the voices in my head scare me :crybaby: :P haha actually they seem to talk amongst themselves and i never know what they are talking about :confused1:
  11. I always talk to myself, but I talk to my dog much more often than I talk to myself.
  12. Yes i do! Especially when I'm working or when I need to figure out something and people beside me will ask "what" and I'll mumble "no I'm talking to myself"
  13. yes, when trying to show off my new handbags to my BF. it doesnt matter he's there or not, it's like im talking to myself :crybaby:
  14. :roflmfao: I run into that too!
  15. Lol, me too.

    I find myself talking to inanimate objects more than to myself though, for example:

    "Work, dang it, toaster!"

    "Alright chair, you stay right there while I vacuum". (where's it going to run off too? I don't know)


    "Come on shoe, go on already."

    Actually, yeah, they're all mostly commands.