Do you talk to your pets?

  1. Just curious b/c the other day I caught myself really talking to my dog like he understood every word I was saying!! I have even caught myself saying "Son, get out of the trash!" or, "Are you ready to go to bed, son?". It is like he is really my child or something! Am I crazy?!!
  2. nope I talk to my cats all the time
  3. yup, and I love it when she "respond"
  4. i do it all the time.
  5. I talk to my cat, Betty, all the time! I love how she 'responds' sometimes!
  6. We do that all the time, and that's because we know she understands! Well, short sentences and commands, nothing rocket science or anything. :p
  7. Of course! Amy (in my avatar) likes to hear the sound of my voice and since she is very vocal it gives her a chance to talk, too. I live alone and it would be terribly quiet if neither of us talked. She also likes to hear her name put into songs. Poor little thing...she is a captive audience!
  8. Oh my goodness--YES! I talk to them all the time!

    I don't think it's crazy--I think our pets like it! Sometimes I'm surprised just how much they seem to understand!
  9. I talk to my Shih Tzus all the time. I really think they do understand me.
  10. i talk to my boston ALL the time, even about TV shows...she does understand me.
  11. I converse with them all the time and they love it! I've even told them I wish they could drive so they run some errands for me. LOL! They wish they could too, I'm sure.
  12. I talk to my chi all the time...I think he is starting to understand. When I say go night night he walks to his bed in my bedroom. And he also go pee on command. I just say go pee and he walks to his pad and does his thing. I think they are a lot smarter than we know. Now only if he could bring me a drink...that would be awesome!!!
  13. ^lol!!
  14. I've always talked to my dogs. I think they understand a lot of words and they absolutely understand the tone of your voice. They seem to enjoy it--it's a social interaction with the people they love most. One of our dogs would carry on conversations with us--we'd say something and he'd make a doggy sound, we'd talk, he'd respond, etc. If anyone remembers the Scooby Doo cartoons, he sounded like Scooby Doo. so if you're crazy, you have a lot of company. I think it's just treating your pet like a companion.
  15. Yes I always talk to pets like they were human & I do believe they understand!