Do you take your stuff with you?

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  1. I've been thinking about this lot but I'm not sure which is better. Do you think it's better to take your valuable stuff (like phones tablets laptops wallet and everything like that) with you to the clinic while you have your surgery or leave it in your room/apartment? Has anyone ever had their stuff stolen from a clinic? i've read that many people have had their stuff stolen from a hotel/hostel room/guest house/apartment. I've never read anyone who had their stuff stolen from a clinic. Does it happen?
  2. I wouldn't leave my stuff at a hostel or a guest house. Apartment is fine if you are staying alone. if ure staying at a hotel that is 4 star and above its safe. but i always bring my laptop with me during surgery and place it in their safe since i always overnight at the ward on day 1
  3. yeah that's what i wanted to do, i thought it would be safer too. especially if they have a safe. i hope all clinics have a safe or some kind of a safe place to hold our stuff.
  4. if u r asking about where to keep your valuables...have you already picked a clinic (finally lol) and if so which one?

    for me the real reason why i bring my valuables is because i have a few comfort items i always require when i wake up hehe. like my special pillow which my grandma gave me when i was a kid LOL totally can't sleep without it. And my phone to harrass my friends of course
  5. i have picked the clinics i'm going to consult in but of course i won't make my final choice until i'm in korea (and i'm not in korea!!) i was just wondering beforehand. i don't want to go to korea and then start thinking about where to put my valuables :smile: i think what i'll do is i'll ask the consultants if the clinic has a safe when i go in for consultations. then i'll know which clinics have a safe and if they can store my valuables for me and if they charge for it or not. :smile: and... finally? hey, some people have been researching for many years before they finally get surgery haha. i haven't even been researching that long (but i like to think i researched efficiently haha) i bring my valuables also because i will need them. for example, if i'm going to be in korea i need to take some pictures! and i'd be really bored while lying in bed if i didn't bring a tablet or a laptop...
  6. I think it might be better to leave it at an apartment or hotel room. Definitely not a hostel/guest house. It also depends on what you're having done and how many days of recovery at the hospital you'll take before you discharge. You might be in too much pain to even use the laptop and you might not feel like lugging it around afterwards when you're focused on other things. Maybe something lighter like a tablet would be better. If you're staying at a hotel, I'd say just lock your laptop up but if you want to bring something for entertainment, bring something lighter.
  7. the problem is that whatever i bring i want to be as safe as possible. and since i'm in korea i might want to stay a while after i feel like seeing the sights and doing things and for that i want to bring a few things. i don't know if the lugging around is a problem, i think they can help me take my stuff to the taxi and i think i can manage with my stuff from the taxi up to my room, don't you think? you say hotel is safer than guest house which i think is true. and come to think of it, hotels usually have safes. i don't want to spend too much money on accommodation but my valuables are worth quite a lot, i really don't want them to get stolen. do you think it would be best if i stay at a hotel until i'm better and then find a cheaper accommodation? or do you think an apartment would be just as safe as a hotel room? apartment would be cheaper than a hotel. and i'm not sure what exactly i'll have done yet as i haven't decided if i'll divide my surgeries or not and how... but i'll probably have v-line the first time around if that helps.
  8. if ure having v line i advise u to stay in seoul post op for at least 10 days. For me personally i usually get so sick being cooped up in the hotel after 5 days but am unwilling to go wander about while im still swollen and recovering. So i always give myself at least 2 days past the final post op check up before i board my flight home. I think nothing beats recovering in your own home :smile: Reason why i suggest having 2 days after your final post op check before leaving is so when they remove the cast or bandages, you can get a good idea of the results or god forbid if you are about to have an infection because the skin is red and full of puss. So get an open ticket and travel insurance too!

    Also, what is your budget per night at a hotel? Ill give you an idea. If you get your clinic to book your accomodation for you out of the list of hotels they are affiliated with, the price reduction is usually 30-40%. For example, the imperial palace in gangnam is a 5 star hotel, usually costing around 300 USD a night. Clinics affiliated with that hotel are able to get the price reduced to 170 USD a night.
  9. interesting, 170/night would be fine for a short duration if it comes with a safe place for my stuff (considering the price without reduction i'd expect it to) but for longer term stay i'd be looking at renting prices, not hotel prices. my budget is "no wasting money on secondary things like travel and accommodation" so a hotel like that would be only okay until i'm feeling better. i won't be going back to work from the surgery (not back to the same job anyway) so i don't have that kind of a hurry. if possible since i am going to korea i would like to fit some sight seeing and picture taking in the same trip, i would feel a little silly going to korea for a week and then not seeing anything... but if i'm going to be there for longer (2-3 weeks) then i'd like to have my more valuable things with me for another reason: i always read about people getting robbed while they were away on vacation, it would be constantly on my mind...
    i have no idea how hard the surgery will be on me. the closest i've experienced is when i had 2 wisdom teeth removed at the same time under GA (i asked for the GA) i walked out the same day (not alone and i don't remember anything from the trip home) and the next day i was doing things normally. i was only eating liquid food for a couple of days though and i was swollen and uncomfortable. if v-line is 5 times worse then i could go out after 5-6 days and do things... haha. if you think i'm underestimating how bad it will be then tell me. i'd just really like to experience seoul at night and take some pictures and see some sights... like PS+sightseeing and not just PS. i think many people go there wanting to sightsee and shop as well and not just do PS. i would like to shop and see sights and nightlife (not drink or party, just look around and feel the nightlife) and i'll also bring my camera (heavy and expensive) so i'm thinking about all this. i'd never travel on a fixed return ticket, for the reason you mentioned among others.
  10. lol first if you don't mind walking out looking like someone punched u in the face over and over again then why not hahahha.

    Also i can tell you this, V line is considered a major surgery. When i had my jaw reduction, i woke up with tubes attached to the sides on my jaw to drain the blood. I needed a nurse to help me go to the toilet and i couldn't sit up on my own. Had to use the reclining bed to bring myself upwards. The first 2 days i was too weak to walk longer than 10 mins. By day 3 is when swelling peaks and day 4 was when it began to subside and i started regaining some strength, By day 7 i went shopping for a bit but got tired quickly. I pretty much flew back to Australia on day 10. So that should give you an idea of what your recovery may be like. Also, you will be swollen for a long long long time. guarantee you within 6 months you will still be partially swollen, but not noticable to others besides yourself and the trained surgical eye. My swelling only went down complete after 9 months
  11. it's seoul, people are used to people looking like that hahaha okay, i will keep that in mind. well, maybe i will just see about it when i'm recovering. if i feel like i'm not well enough then i will just decide to go home earlier and skip the sightseeing. but it would be a shame not to do/see anything while there...
  12. just do your sight seeing before your surgery ;D
  13. you know, now i feel really stupid, you won't believe this but i didn't even consider that! haha. of course that makes sense... have consultations, decide on a clinic and then book a date that's 1 week from the consultation and then do sight seeing for 1 week before the surgeries. that makes sense!
  14. hahahahaha yeah i find alot of people when it comes to surgery are too focused on the actual surgical aspect and just forget common sense. I had one of those moments a few days ago too when my surgery date and final pe op consult date got both got moved by a day and i started getting frustrated that id have to change my departure flight only to realize that all i had to do was do the consult in the morning and surgery in the afternoon lol. Sometimes the little common sense details slips our mind. But hey, least we r not one of the many people who think they have to pick a surgeon before they even arrive into seoul lol
  15. hahahaha you're right. i guess it makes sense when you think about it, we all expect something really great from the surgery and we also have to consider the risks and it's all a really big deal. so it's easy to forget common sense in other things that seem minor compared to the surgery. at least we can laugh about it! haha