Do you take your Speedy traveling?

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  1. I'd never really considered using my Speedy as a travel bag since it's strictly handheld, but I was talking to a girl who said she carried hers around Europe for 3 months and it was perfect! She said it was great for any weather and any situation, dinners, clubs, etc. I'm leaving for Egypt on Saturday and never thought of taking my speedy, but now I kind of am.... My question is, do any of you take your Speedies traveling? Does it work out well?
  2. I have not taken my speedy traveling for the reason you just said. I prefer to have my hands free. I just got back from Washington DC. I took my BH and my Denim Baggy PM with the longer strap. I found that I used my baggy the entire time. It is my new favorite travel bag. I can wear it messenger style and it is super light weight and it holds a lot.
  3. i actually feel better with handheld items when traveling.
    more hands on or something :roflmfao:
    i actually opted back when i bought my keepall for the one with no strap.

    anyway, its great to keep lots of necessities, like a water bottle, sunglasses, and anything else. when normally sling/messenger bags are rather short on space.
  4. I prefer hands free bags when touring. It's quite cumbersome to carry something around. I do bring some LVs with me though but those I use for dinners or nite-outs. I hope you enjoy Egypt!
  5. I prefer shoulder bags when traveling (I use my Marc Jacobs Stella or Kenneth Cole Jetstream bag mostly). But I'm going to Michigan next month for a wedding and I think I'm going to take my Damier Ebene Speedy 30...I won't be walking around all that much and I'm not afraid to put it on the floor of the plane.
  6. Absolutely can use as travel bag :yes: I would go for 30 or larger tho
  7. Not usually. I prefer my mono trotteur which has an adjustable strap for shoulder or cross-body wear. It's just big enough to hold my ludlow wallet, camera, cell phone and sunglasses (w/o case). Good bag for daytime sightseeing or evening dinner. I also carry a few Longchamps totes with me...I usually pack both medium and large size of those....the large I will use as a carry-on with water bottle, book, and my trotteur all neatly zipped up inside. I like those totes because even though it's a tote bag, it has a nice leather handle and a pretty zipper pull! Also, they fold flat for storage in a suitcase.
  8. I'm going to purchase a Speedy 30 exactly for this purpose as I'm going to travel all the time with my new work. It will fit all my necessities, yet look effortlessly chic, just like I want.
    Have a nice time in Egypt!!!
  9. thanks for the responses, guys! I actually think I'm going to leave it at's Damier anyway; Mono would look so hott in Egypt LOL!

    It's sad because when I found out I was going, I *almost* bought the Monty just for the trip! lol
  10. OMG you are going to one of my dream destinations - so lucky! But no, no Speedy for me while travelling.
  11. When are you leaving?
  12. ^I'm leaving this Saturday! I'm actually studying abroad in Scotland and it's a bit chilly here...anyway, my parents were going to visit me here but I go to college in Massachusetts, and my dad said that he was tired of visiting me in the cold! So he said this time we're going somewhere WARM! lol! worked out great for me, I'm super excited!
  13. sad to hear that the speedy won't make it! Have a nice time!
  14. Wow I'm so excited for you! Enjoy your time there! I've worked in Scotland actually! Where are you situated? May I ask what you are studying?
    Have a nice day! Cheers
  15. Sure thing! I'm at the University of Stirling, and I'm studying Philosophy and English. I actually just got back from London - I went down for Easter, and it was so much fun!
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